MVP/ROY Rankings…

25 03 2008

KB#24CP3Latest round of blog-debate on the MVP and ROY rankings is up:

And there’s been a change at the top (pics tell a hint)…




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26 03 2008

MVP: Kobe Bryant. He’s hands down the best player in the league. I saw him the other night in SLC; he effortlessly had 27 pts, 8 rebounds and 7 dimes, in 32 minutes.

ROY: Luis Scola. He’s a huge part of that team, especially with Ming out and during there 22 game winning streak. Plus I’m tired of hearing about Kevin Durant.

26 03 2008

the MVP race is between kobe and cp3, and maybe lebron james. kevin garnett is out of the mix because he missed just too many games and he’s not in the same place as he was in the first half of the season.
gotta agree with you man, i’m tired of hearing about kevin durant too. but my pick for the ROY is al horford, but don’t get me wrong man, i have nothing against scola. they’re neck and neck at the race but i’m leaning towards horford on this one.

26 03 2008

Agreed, but even if it ends up *equal*, I think to give it to Paul over Kobe at this stage of their respective careers would be a serious diss to Bryant.
Not that they haven’t dissed him before.

26 03 2008

@ WM
hahaha.. well yeah.. i don’t like the man, but he’s really playing fantastic ball right now.. and did you see his behind-the-back-dribble-spin-move-assist to turiaf? that was sweet..

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