University of Chicago vs Waseda University

25 03 2008

Waseda UniversityUniversity of Chicago - coming to JapanGame 1 in Hiroshima was a bit of a blow-out, with Waseda winning 15-0
Game 2 in Osaka was a closer affair, with Waseda running out winners again, 8-1.

Game 3 is in Tokyo today, at the Seibu Dome.   Details on that score either later today, or tomorrow.




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26 03 2008

Do you have any information on who was pitching for Univ of Chicago and who had hits?

26 03 2008

Unfortunately, no. In general, the coverage here has been abysmal. I’ve contacted the local English papers, but thus far – nothing.
Very disappointing.

26 03 2008
Jack Gallan

Finally fiqured out how to get information on the games. Go to This will bring you to the Waseda Baseball Club
homepage. Cut the address. Open up a second internet explorer and go to i google. Go to translations. Choose translate from Japanese to English. Paste the Waseda address and the translation will take place. The translation is not perfect but looks to me that Wasda came out guns blazing for the first game
and mixed up their starting line up for the second game. The last game has not been posted. Look forward to the teams arrival here in Arizona. The weather is just outstanding. Thanks for all your help. I will e-mail later today.

26 03 2008

Very good, looking forward to speaking further.

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