Blogsifting: Southward Bound

26 03 2008

Uno Kanda… ummm… ouchThis’ll be the last link-dump coming to you from Honshu. The next will be from the more-Southern island of Kyushu. Pretty much organised, just gotta do it.

Anyway – some great posts out there at the moment, and a reminder that April 5th is Unsung Player Day.

Out there in Blogfrica:

  1. The On Deck Circle managed to land an interview with Carl English, a Canadian basketballer pursuing the NBA dream…
  2. Veteran pitcher Vargas has been dumped released by the Brewers – more on it from Sooze at Babes Love Baseball
  3. Tom Ziller over at AOL Fanhouse hits us all with news on the Oklahoma sonics Name-Not-Designated…
  4. I Want To Be A Sports Agent explores the what the Dolphins are doing
  5. Miami Heat. So bad they’re actually good. Give Me The Rock explains that one.
  6. What’s Up Doc? Looking at Doc Rivers over at CelticsBlog
  7. Done. Dusted. Chris Webber calls it quits. Hear more over at FOULEDOUT!



2 responses

30 03 2008

I find myself wanting to be that chair.

31 03 2008


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