Denver – Gonna Make It

29 03 2008

Denver Nuggets - playoff boundI’d say that Denver are going to make the playoffs.

And it’s really amazing that they’re not firmly in there yet. I mean, c’mon: a team with Allen Iverson, Carmelo Anthony, Marcus Camby and former all-star Kenyon Martin – not making the playoffs?
Almost unheard of.

Even more amazing is that with perennial defensive monster Camby on the team, they are so awful at ‘D’. Defense comes at a premium, and never more so than in the playoffs.
Thus far this year, all bar 2 losses have come with opponents scoring 100 or more points (more often than not, even in wins their opponents score 100+), most times over 110… and a whopping 10 times since the beginning of 2008 they have opponents scoring 115 or more.
Compare that to the San Antonio Spurs – 5 losses where the opponent scored 100 or more points, and the Lakers – 9.

Gettin’ mellow…But, I think they get there (the playoffs). They are playing better basketball at the moment, and this coincides with what will probably be a down period for both Dallas and Houston. Houston are probably a little too far ahead of Denver (5 games ahead), but the Mavericks hold only a 1 game advantage over the Nugs, and with Nowitzki out indefinitely… well, I’d say that the guy on the Mavs staff who suggested that the 2008 draft pick in the Kidd deal should be lottery protected – he deserves a nice lil’ bonus this year.




One response

29 03 2008

They better make it. my other team, new jersey nets might not make it either. this is a bad bad year for me.

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