The Fight Begins

30 03 2008

NBA.  Yes folks, it’s that time of the season again… where the various teams really get down to it and jostle for position.  With under a dozen games to go, it’s important to finish up in the best possible position – to get as high a percentage in the draft lottery as possible!

Pat Riley - his Heat are the worst team in Basketball?Yup, we’re going to see some less-than-average performances over the last remaining days of the NBA season, because the fight to get as low a position as possible ends up just as frenetic a battle as the fight to get into the playoffs.  And the thing about this fight is that it’s cross-conference.

Clearly Miami have the #1 seed in the battle for draft supremacy.  Their 13-59 season is 4 games… err… ‘ahead’ of their nearest rivals, the godawful sonics… and a further 2 ahead of the almost-as-bad Grizz & T-Wolves (should they get a capitals?).  But below the oh-so-cold Heat, it does indeed heat up.  As mentioned before, the race is on, and things could get… interesting.

With Miami on 13-59, the sonics on 17-56, Memphis 19-54, Minnesota at 18-53 and New Yawp at 20-52… we’re in for some bad basketball of truly epic proportions.




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31 03 2008
Ed Ziti

Riley left the team to go on scouting assignments. I’ve never heard of anyone doing that, ever. Imagine the backlash had Isiah Thomas done that? Amazing the latitude Riley gets.

31 03 2008

Riley is a poor loser.
Didn’t he leave the team the last time they had such a bad record too?
Maybe he needs to rethink his priorities.
If he wants to be a coach, then he should coach no matter what the record.
And if he wants to be a GM… maybe he should hire someone to coach, someone that’ll coach even if the team is struggling.

31 03 2008
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31 03 2008

@ utesfan89
got that right dude..

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