Top Sports Stories in Japan…

31 03 2008

Delicious… Miwa OshiroTyping this from Kyushu.  Made part of the move (my furniture’s yet to join me, as are my family)… Still REALLY tired from the drive & unsettled sleeping arrangements, but tomorrow – new job.

Anyway, today’s top stories in Japan were:

  • Yakult wallops Tokyo Giants, 10-2 (NPB)… [Daily Yomiuri I now live in the territory of the Fukuoka Hawks, but I’ll always be a dragons-fan!  But no matter what – it’s always good to see Yomiuri get thrashed, and that’s 3 on the trot at the hands of Yakult…
  • Ishikawa makes debut in Japan (golf)… [Daily YomiuriThe teen Ryo Ishikawa, or “The Shy Prince” – but is he ‘man’ enough to save men’s golf in Japan?
  • Fukuoka thrashes the Lions (NPB)… [Daily YomiuriMy new local team (don’t worry, still a Chunichi Dragons fan) Fukuoka have now won 6 in a row…
  • Sakata defends the WBA Flyweight title (boxing)… [Mainichi ShimbunThere was a time where the world stopped for a good fight, not any more…
  • Mao’s a shining example of why sports matter (iceskating)… [Japan TimesJack Gallagher continues his love affair with ice-skaters…
  • Dragons beat Carp (NPB)… [Japan Times Yay!  Go Dragons!



4 responses

31 03 2008

Glad you survived the move, Don.

Moving is one of the things in life like living with your in laws and root canal at the Dentists office that is just flat out unpleasant. I can only imagine the unique challenges of doing this in Japan.

2 04 2008
The Constructivist

Welcome to Kyushu! I miss Fukuoka like you wouldn’t believe. Speaking of which, is missing Japan the reason why a couple of JLPGA players declined the invitation to compete in the LPGA’s first major, the Kraft Nabisco Championship, this week? Has the Japanese media covered this at all? Yokomine and Ohyama will be joining Ueda and Miyazato, but there could have been 6…. Mulligan Stu at Waggle Room would really like to know why not!

2 04 2008

Incredibly busy at the moment – organising new job/apartment et al.

But hope to get back to offering a lil’ more on golf soon… 😉

3 04 2008
The Constructivist

I hear ya! My speculations can be found in the comments on Mulligan Stu‘s post….

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