Top Sports Stories In Japan…

1 04 2008

Brad’s suggestion for a J-Girl model… nice one Brad!Started my new job today… looking pretty good.  And my new apartment is schweet!

Lotsa good things happening at the moment: ’tis Spring, and the sakura are beginning to bloom.

Anyway, in today’s top nihon sports news:

  • J-League Club president resigns over drunk-driving accident… [Mainichi Shimbun]   Huge… Hiroshi Miyata, president of the J.League’s J2 club Mito Hollyhock caught being a bad boy…
  • Nomo’s comeback hits a snag… [Mainichi Shimbun]  Groin injury, ouch.
  • Giants look to a kid (NPB)… [Daily Yomiuri]  Hayato Sakamoto, a 19 year old kid, will take over 2nd base for the Yomiuri Giants…
  • Olympic hopes dashed (Handball)… [Japan Times]  The Japanese national women’s team was beaten by Hungary, dousing any chances they had of making it to Beijing…



3 responses

2 04 2008

Don, great model. She was a sight for sore eyes as I start my graveyard shift at work. Thanks, Mate!

4 04 2008

I Love Sexy Girl Japan

4 04 2008

Good for you, Yoda!

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