I Know – Not The 5th Any More, But Another Unsung Player!

8 04 2008

Bit of a HT to a regular commenter here – FOULEDOUT! – and his Unsung Player Tribute. A couple o’ days late, but he’s acknowledging a player who deserves a lil’ bit of limelight…

And if I may borrow an excerpt from his piece, FO! sings the praises of this particular player for his:

“…hard work and persistence to the game of basketball. He was practically a journey man in the world of basketball hopping from team to team in the NBDL, CBA, ABA and USBL. He even played for the Harlem Globetrotters in 2004 and had a brief stint in Mexico in 2006 before he played for…”

Go to FOULEDOUT! for more on this particular player…

Throw another into the mix – PhDribble waxes poetical on his addition to Unsung Player Day.
Ok, so he’s late too.
Who cares?
Not I…




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