NBA MVP/ROY Rankings

8 04 2008

Put the link up yesterday, but here’s exactly what I thought:

MVP/ROY rankings…
1. (10 pts) Kobe Bean Bryant… As said in the ‘Lakers Rhapsody’, “I am Kobe – a vote for LeBron means you’re high!” Nothing’s changed… only perhaps rather than LeBron you could insert ‘Chris Paul’. The only reason Kobe isn’t getting more votes in this is because of the hate so many bloggers have for him. Chris Paul’s having a phenomenal season, but mid-way through he wasn’t part of the conversation. Kobe’s been playing this way all year, and has been at the forefront of the “who’s-MVP” talk for that period of time too.
2. (9 pts) Chris Paul… anyone who has anyone else (other than Kobe & CP3) in their top two is smoking something not legal outside of Amsterdam. Chris Paul’s continued brilliance post the All-Star break has earnt him the right to in the discussion rather than LeBron James. Chris Paul has the Hornets at the very top of the West, and with all due regard to KG, I believe that’s a greater achievement than that of Boston’s #5.
3. (8 pts) Kevin Garnett… Has really changed the thought process at Boston, but – what? – you want to award a guy the MVP for getting the other Celtics to play the way they’re supposed to?
4. (7 pts) Manu GinobliNow the reason the Spurs are … well, the Spurs.
5. (6 pts) Dwight Howard… Dwight is a monster, but casting him here is as much a sign of my disappointment in LeBron over the past few weeks.
6. (5 pts) LeBron James… the dip in the performance of the Cavs over the past few weeks is testament to two things: a) James isn’t the MVP this year, and b) in the future, he’s bound for somewhere-not-Cleveland due to the lack of support his team can give him…
7. (4 pts) Carlos Boozer
8. (3 pts) Dirk Nowitzki
9. (2 pts) Amare Stoudemire… Shaq’s presence certainly has him energized!
10. (1 pt) Tracy McGrady… One has to wonder, which is a truer indication of who the Rockets are – the streak, or what’s happened subsequently.

1. (5 pts) Al Horford. Truly a no-brainer… Durant’s dropped off my radar, and Scola’s too recent a flavor.
2. (4 pts) Luis Scola. Perhaps the real reason the Rockets are half-decent.
3. (3 pts) Glen Davis – the ‘big baby’ gets this merely on being a half-decent guy off the bench for the C’s.
4. (2 pts) Kevin Durant
5. (1 pt) Jamario Moon




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8 04 2008
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