Today’s Top Sports Stories In Japan…

8 04 2008

Move 90% completed… some small things I have to sort out but generally, we’re done! Yay!

Anyway, in today’s top sports media news in Japan:

  • Toray wins 1st leg of V-League (volleyball)… [Daily Yomiuri] Women’s volleyball league…
  • Saori Yoshida and Kaoru Icho win titles (wrestling)… [Daily Yomiuri] Aaaand another one: women’s wrestling…
  • Hiroko Yamaguchi wins Yamaha Ladies (JLPGA)… [Daily Yomiuri] Ladies Golf – Yamaguchi held on to just win this…
  • Ringer Waisale Serevi makes sure YC&AC win their own 7s title (rugby)… [Daily Yomiuri] Basically the Yokohama Country and Athletic Club created an all-star team to ensure victory…
  • Hulk takes Verdy to victory (soccer)… [Daily Yomiuri] I kid you not, there’s a Brazilian soccer player here in Japan called ‘Hulk’. And yes, the team he plays for wears green…



3 responses

9 04 2008

So I have to ask, is “Hulk” a real physical speciman, or did he get the name for some other reason?

9 04 2008

No idea Steve, yet to see a Verdy game…
But it’s actually his REAL name.

9 04 2008

maybe he has green skin color..

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