Gotta Love It – Yomiuri Opens With 5 Game Skid

9 04 2008

To the rest of Japanese baseball, the lack of wins for the Yomiuri Giants in the beginning of the season is a thing of beauty.
Baseball fans come in two flavors when Tokyo’s favourite are concerned: those that love ’em, and those that hate ’em. They are every bit as polarizing a team as their US counterpart – the Yankees.

Me? I fit in the latter.
I am an “anti-Kyogen” fan (“Kyogen” being the term used for the Yomiuri Giants).

So when Yomiuri Giants open with a franchise-worst 5 game losing streak, it brings a smile to my face.  Seeing them fumble their way post that to a 2-7 record, why it’s early bliss.  Only way it could get better is if the Yankees started just as badly… fingers crossed I guess.

The only thing is, the Giants really do have a stellar team this year.  Yes, Hanshin has added offense this year… and the Dragons are doing what they always do with pitching and stingy defense… but there are too many strengths in the Kyogen line-up for me to not be wary of how they’re going to do.




4 responses

11 04 2008
Steve "Nursedude"

Hey Don, is there an equivilant in Aussie sport like NRL or AFL of the Yomuri Giants orthe New York Yankees?

11 04 2008

I would say traditionally Collingwood in the AFL

11 04 2008

Or historically, possibly Carlton.

But now, I’d just say it’s the interstate teams, collectively. 😉

But as far as hatred goes, Rob’s right: Collingwood.

12 04 2008

no need to get down on the Blue mate!

anyone able to educate me about the team everyone hates in the NRL?

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