NBA Blatherings With Malice…

11 04 2008

Lots to talk about, not much time to do it as far as the end of the season is fast approaching…

  • In what amazingly enough seems like an act of revenge, the s… sorry – the Sonics defeated the Denver Nuggets in 2OT the other day, 151-147. Thereby earning the right to use a capital ‘S’ once again. Well done sSonics (sorry, hard to break the habit)!
  • The Clippers continue to look woeful. After a promising games at the start of the season, everything’s gone pear-shaped with little LA. A 26 point loss to the Rockets – who had themselves looked to be in bit of a tailspin post The Streak – really highlights what’s a very disappointing season.
  • The Lakers 22 point win over Sacramento has me feeling a little better. Vlad (“Looks like Borat & he’s good from 3…”) Radmanovic getting double figures in rebounds is awesome stuff… and Gasol’s getting refueled. Still… I am more confident about next season, rather than this one. Hopefully they can continue to do that against the woeful Clippers…
  • HUGE game between Golden State & Denver today… almost a mini-playoff. And maybe it’s just me, but I think that both match up rather well against New Orleans… I feel guilty that even after the season New Orleans has had, I still don’t give them due respect. Oh well, shoganai.
  • The game against Utah is pretty important for Dallas too – they really need to take a little more confidence into the playoffs, so a win for them against the Jazz would be big, especially given they will probably face the Spurs. Big for the Jazz to have a win against another playoff-bound Western team.
  • Kobe should be MVP… and quite a few folks – including Joe Dumars & Rafer Alston – are lobbying for him…
  • Along the line of the Lakers, Mitch Kupchak should be GM of the year…
  • Coach of the Year – (ex-Laker) Byron Scott… bit of a thematic going, huh?

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10 responses

11 04 2008

I don’t have the stats but doesn’t it seem like every time the Nuggets step on the court these days the game total is over 250 points every single time?

11 04 2008

must be something in the Coors light…..

11 04 2008

with the lost against the sonics, the nuggets are in a very tight spot now. with about a week left in the season, they are still fighting for a spot in the playoffs. i’m a fan of denver nuggets but it sucks that they hardly play defense. aside from defensive player of the year marcus camby, none of them is really committed to play tough defense. my other team (nets) is already out of the race so the nugs better make it in the west.
and about the case for mvp, kobe is likely to win the award, but i’m still leaning on chris paul. haha. it’s just been an amazing season for both of them and it’s a really really tough call. garnett and lebron have fallen out of my mvp radar. it’s all about cp3 and kb24 now.

11 04 2008

Denver’s opposition averages nearly 107 points a game… funnily enough, the only team who lets teams score more is…
Golden State – 108+ points a game.

Golden State I get, they play it loose & fast. But Denver? Marcus Camby is one of the best defenders in the League… But ‘Melo doesn’t play D, and AI is a defensive liability. Sure, Iverson gets steals, but a large part of that is he takes chances on his defense.

11 04 2008
NBA Blatherings With Malice… | NBA News

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11 04 2008

the game is on the i think denver is up by a couple of points.

11 04 2008

Indeed… was just going to comment on that.
Tight one between Utah & Dallas too (Mavs up by a point as we talk…).

11 04 2008
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13 04 2008

Add to that Byron Scott:

“I think that’s the most remarkable stat of all, that he’s been in the league 12 years and hasn’t won it,” said Hornets Coach Byron Scott of Bryant before the game. I don’t think he’s been runner-up. I don’t think he’s come in third. I think it’s remarkable that he hasn’t and for the past five or six years, he’s been the best player in this game.” (Yahoo Rumors)

16 04 2008

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