Exclamation Point

12 04 2008

The Lakers got out of jail free against the New Orleans Hornets, eventually winning 107-104 – after being up by as many as 30. I get the feeling that either side of the pro-Kobe/pro-CP3 debate will try and use each player’s performance as a platform for whoever they’re pushing.

Simple fact is Kobe had a very good game, and so did Chris Paul. Kobe scored 29 points, had 10 rebounds and 8 assists. Paul dished out 17 assists and hit 15 points and 4 steals. Both good nights in the office.
Whilst they both had games that were pretty damn good, for me (as a Lakers fan) the stats that stood out were Lamar Odom’s 16 rebounds & Pau Gasol’s 25 points (9 from 12 in the field, a perfect 7-7). Things I found somewhat alarming were Radmanovic not hitting a single 3 (threw 6 bricks at the rim), Luke Walton following up a good night with a mere 4 points, and the lack of minutes given to Ronny Turiaf.

But if you want a definitive moment in the game, it was Kobe’s dunk.
Have a look.

That belongs in a dunk competition, it was just that good.




3 responses

13 04 2008

Dis-gusting dunk. Gotta love the Carl’s Jr. sponsorship.

I definitely appreciate in-game dunks more so the fact that Kobe executed it under the lights made it that much better.

Don’t worry about Vlade Radmanovic’s heat check game. That man is one of the streakiest shooters I’ve ever seen.

13 04 2008

And… LA moves to the top of the tree courtesy of a New Orleans 91-94 loss to the Sacramento Kings.

14 04 2008

still can’t believe that the hornets lost to kings.. haha.. bad bad loss for them..

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