NBA Blathering With Malice…

14 04 2008

It would seem that there’s a lot to talk about in the NBA at the moment – new developments worthy of putting up for discussion, or my random thoughts (that may or may not be worthy of discussion) occur daily (hell, Rob’ll tell you that my random thoughts happen way, way more often than that… that is when I have thoughts). It’s fantastic that at this point in time, it comes down to the last game of the season to see who will finish where in the West.

  • I don’t care what excuses San Antonio apologists come out with, today’s game between the Lakers & the Spurs was a rout. I really like the momentum the Lakers have at the moment! A rout – 106-85? I’ve already heard quite a bit of “Yeah, but the Spurs didn’t have a full team…” Ok, so Manu “give-me-the6th-man-award” Ginobli was out, but so? The Lakers are still without their starting center. And on Manu – either he’s the 6th man on the Spurs so basically you’re missing a bench-guy, or he’s your best player – and as such shouldn’t be eligible to win the 6th man award. Can’t have it both ways…
  • Let’s talk about that a bit – an absolute goddamn mockery of the Sixth Man Award to give it to Manu this year. And he will get it. Guy plays 31+ minutes a game, is the top scorer for the Spurs – and will probably be the top Spur come MVP-vote-counting time… and he’s the “6th man”??? Gimme a break. If you are in the top 5 on your roster as far as minutes played, then you should not be eligible to win this (Manu plays the third most minutes of anyone on the San Antonio roster). It’s an absolute mockery of the award if Manu Ginobli wins it. And he probably will.
  • This year’s Western conference has had more ups ‘n’ downs than … well, I’m trying not to offend so I won’t say what first came into my mind. Anyway – where were we? Ah… upsndowns… And it could still change, but the Lakers are going to finish top. Pretty amazed about that, and it’s something no-one could’ve/would’ve predicted at the beginning of the season (I certainly didn’t – and a piece on that later, either tomorrow or Wednesday). Ok… so they have to host Sacramento & beat ’em first – but if they don’t, I’ll be very, very disappointed. And yes, it wouldn’t be the first time I’ve been disappointed by them… but I’d like to think that the Lakers are now just a lil’ bit better than that… well… I hope.
  • Astounded that as yet, the situation is still unclear regarding as to whether the Sonics are going to be in Seattle next season. Amazing. I know we haven’t even hit the off-season yet, but hell, the next season isn’t that far away – and they don’t know? What a shambles that is… might have to pull out a lower case ‘s’ for them again.
  • Most people who have been pushing Chris Paul’s wheelbarrow in regards to the MVP debate have been doing so on the strength of “he lead his team to the top of the Western Conference standings” are a lil’ silent now. Gee, I woulda thought they would now be crowing about Kobe Bryant, singing his praises given he’s now “lead his team to the top of the Western Conference standings”. No? Pathetic…
  • Speaking of momentum (well… I did earlier), the Nugs appear to be building some. A 111-94 win over Houston is a very good launching spot for the NBA finals, and a climb up a place isn’t necessary out of the question either. From Houston’s standpoint, not so good. Definitely, what’s happened post-streak is a greater indication of ‘who’ this team is rather than the streak itself.
  • Dallas. Man, being a Mavs-fan would have to be incredibly frustrating. A win today against the Sonics would’ve cemented 7th place, but they lose 95-99. How a team that’s this talented can find new ways to exhibit ineptitude is just nothing short of amazing.
  • ESPN’s wrap-up of today’s play: Vodpod videos no longer available.

Done… until tomorrow.




One response

15 04 2008

i like the arguments about manu being the star of the spurs or just the super-sub 6th man.. now it makes me wonder what his role really is.. haha.. is he the superstar? or just a 6th-man? beats me..

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