NBA Idiocy With Malice…

15 04 2008

Ye gods… how stupid IS Carmelo Anthony? Here he is, a multi-millionaire, with the future of a franchise tied to him, and he gets drunk – then gets behind the wheel of a car, and was appropriately arrested for DUI.
Dumb, dumb, dumb.

Anthony has faced questions about his ability to lead a franchise before, and he’s always made the right noises – perhaps mouthing platitudes – about trying to do the right thing. This time however, it wasn’t just taking a cowardly swing at another player. This time he put the lives of people at risk – thank whatever god is relevant to you that nothing happened beyond ‘Melo’s arrest.
The head-honchos at Denver have to be shaking their heads at this. It’s not like he was simply heading home after dinner post-game either. This happened at 4am on a Sunday night, in the middle of the race for the final playoff spot.
It’s a head-scratcher for sure.
One wonders what penalty – if any – the Nuggets braintrust will impose. On one hand, if they penalise him games, it will impact their post-season. But the other option is that no penalty, or a penalty that doesn’t affect him greatly just reinforces the behavior that he has exhibited.
I’ll be interested to see what action, if any, they take.


  • The Golden State Warriors couldn’t hold out the Phoenix Suns (122-116), and thus their season is over… well, they have another game – but that’s it. No more outside chance of the playoffs.
  • Houston’s loss to Utah (105-96) drops the Rockets down to 5th place, and vaults the Spurs up to 3rd – given the Spurs didn’t do a New Orleans and lose to Sacramento. If this positioning holds for another game, this means that Houston will face the Jazz in the first round of the playoffs. Honestly? I don’t think it matters WHO the Rockets face, Kobe Lite T-Mac isn’t breaking his first-round jinx this year…
  • The thing that’s important about this tho’ is that the Spurs will now (again, assuming the positions remain the same) face the Phoenix Suns. And that, will be interesting. The Suns reconfigured themselves mid-season with this match-up in mind (tho’ I’m betting that they did it with the belief that they’d be facing the Spurs a lil’ further into the playoffs)… Shaq v Timmy. I’m looking forward to it, and would bet that there’ll be suspensions in this series. No love lost there…
  • The next two days have some fantastic match-ups… well… ok, not fantastic match-ups per se, but games that have real meaning. Amazing on the last two days of a season. Lakers host Sacramento – Lakers win, they take #1. New Orleans host the Clippers – if they don’t win they could drop from top 2, and if they win & LA loses, they’re #1… IF they can beat Dallas the next day. Speaking of ‘next day’, Utah at San Antonio is a huge game, as is Portland at Phoenix.

Sorry it’s mainly Western Conference… Some East:

  • Despite the bravado coming out of Cleveland, does anyone else get the feeling that they’re not ready? Nothing overly impressive recently out of the Cavs…
  • Washington actually look dangerous at the moment. I’d hate to face them first round – oh wait, that’s what the Cavs have to do.
  • Nice win Chicago, throwing down a mere 151 on the Bucks (who scored 135). Made me feel like I was in the early 80s again.
  • And a nice win to Boston who beat the Knicks 99-93. Why is a 6 point victory a ‘nice win’ you ask? Because Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, and Ray Allen all had a night off.

Only two days left, and lots of games – looking forward to ’em all!




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15 04 2008
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