(Bennett/Stern) Heartless In Seattle

17 04 2008

I know I’ve given the Sonics a lot of flack over the past season for various ineptitudes, but when push comes to shove, Seattle’s a pretty good ball-town. I have over the last few days been inundated with emails from various folk interested in keeping the Sonics in Seattle… and when you explore all the facts surrounding the entire “let’s-move-a-team-to-Oklahoma-City” movement is pretty shady.

Save The Sonics

I for one am pretty keen to keep a team with a great history within the city it should be in. Oklahoma Sonics? Err… and I know that Bennett’s stated that, hell, keep the name – but that just makes it all that more suspicious. He cares about the franchise? I think not.

Here’s the gist of what the emails sent to me have asked for:

  • Write to the owner of the team you support and ask them to vote ‘NO’ to relocation.
  • Let your team’s owner know that you do not support the relocation of the Sonics to Oklahoma City.
    Email him.
    Write him a letter.
    Call him.
    Let him know that all of you will boycott any game next season in which the Oklahoma City Sonics play, whether it be in your arena or on TV.

One particular heartfelt missive:

“I implore you- if you feel like what is happening is wrong – if you aren’t buying Clay Bennett and David Stern’s lies and cover ups – if you don’t want to see a precedent set where the NBA can rip 40+ years of tradition away from any community that doesn’t bow it’s knee in submission – then take action. The Board of Governor’s meeting is in 2 days. We love our team as much as you love yours. If we don’t stop this travesty from occurring, it could happen to any team or market. Please do your part and help us. It’s the 11th hour, but it’s not too late!”

Hell, Jerry?
Doctor Buss?
If you’re reading this, vote no.




3 responses

17 04 2008

Only when the masses remain silent can a dictator flourish.

Full support to those ‘everyday people’ who love the ‘Seattle’ Supersonics and are doing everything possible to keep THEIR team in THEIR city.

17 04 2008
Big Chris

Thanks for the help in our fight to keep the Sonics in Seattle! It’s deeply appreciated!

Big Chris

17 04 2008

I hear you BC.
Hoping the fight’s successful…

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