Ummm – What Was That?… Northwest Division

17 04 2008

Ye gods, does Jeff from the CelticsBlog sleep? I’m beginning to think that’s a big negatory… yet another compiled piece from NBA bloggers – this time the Northwest div.

Some bits ‘n’ pieces I stole acquired from CelticsBlog & put up here (you’ll have to actually GO THERE to read ’em in their entirety!):

  • Utah Jazz (Daily Basketball) “As far as the team goes, Deron Williams was an overwhelming All-Star snub…”
  • Seattle Supersonics (SonicsCentral) “There is hope. We haven’t given up the fight for our team, and we are positioned for a high lottery pick. And sometimes all you have is hope.”
  • Portland Trail Blazers (True Hoop) “Portland got leaps in development from Travis Outlaw, LaMarcus Aldridge, and even Brandon Roy.”
  • Minnesota Timberwolves (TWolvesBlog) “I also predicted that perhaps Foye would step up as a leader, but it really hurt (pun intended) that he missed the first 43 games of the season.”
  • Denver Nuggets (The Nugg Doctor) “Denver’s Biggest Weaknesses: I said defense and chemistry and Denver is to defense as a wet paper bag is sturdy.”

Excellent reads, head over to CelticsBlog. Do it. Now. Do it. Do it.




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