DING! Round 1…

20 04 2008

So, the first day of the NBA Playoffs is down, and the card’s looking oh-so-tight in a few of the match-ups.

  • San Antonio defeated Phoenix, 117-115 (2OT)
  • New Orleans defeated Dallas, 104-92
  • Cleveland defeated Washington, 93-86
  • Utah defeated Houston, 93-82

Some random thoughts…

  • Dirk did play very well… but he had 4 during the 4th, and no-one else stepped up… still, all-in-all Dirk had a very good game. But I agree – more of the Mavs have to step up. If it’s left to Dirk virtually alone… foggedabowdit. NO’s too good to be beaten by anyone on their lonesome.Still think they do it.
    Only game 1, and it was in New Orleans.
    Mavs only need to take one of the first two to really, really put the pressure on.
  • And Timmy for 3 to send it to overtime? Egads…
  • Meh on the Wiz’s inability to even slow LeBron down.
  • Relatively tight game between Houston & Utah, but you gotta remember, the Jazz are one of the worst-traveling teams in the playoffs… but conversely they are perhaps the strongest team in there at home. Taking this one against Houston in Houston? Goodnight!

Round 2 tomorrow, we have the other half of the first round:

  1. The Toronto Raptors at The Orlando Magic
  2. The Philadelphia 76ers at The Detroit Pistons
  3. The LA Lakers hosting The Denver Nuggets
  4. The Boston Celtics play host to the Atlanta Hawks

I fully expect everything to run its course here, and the hosts to hold court.

(Shaddup Rob… thanks)




One response

21 04 2008

sixers took game 1.. haha! but as expected, hawks lost to celtics..

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