A Wrap Up With Malice…

21 04 2008

You want to give the MVP award to Chris Paul?
After the collapse right at the end of the season, losing 3 outta 4, when one of the main arguments for giving it to him was that he lead the Hornets to the very top of the Western Conference? Ok, they were second, and it’s still an argument that might hold water if there wasn’t another candidate with a team that has perhaps fewer weapons that finished first.
Great player, might get (should get? Dunno… see what LeBron has to say about it when he gets to New York) quite a few MVPs in his career (not that it’s an argument either way).
But not this year.
Or shouldn’t.

This year should be Kobe Bryant, but the problem for #24 is that he is (or has been up ’til now) such a polarizing figure that there are far, far too many people who vote for the MVP who flat out do not like him. You only have to write the absolute BS spurted out by idiots who should know better that if Bryant gets it, it’s a ‘Lifetime achievement Award’.
Amazing how arguments for LeBron and Paul this season could both be applied to Bryant at various times, yet for them it’s applicable, for Kobe – if he wins – it’s a gift he “doesn’t deserve”. That’s so insulting… but I think the situation regarding Kobe is best summed up by this clip.

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5 responses

22 04 2008

Clever … “Amazing” how much Mamba sounds like Jordan.

22 04 2008

Or maybe you’re looking for it?

Just a thought…

22 04 2008

This is my video from my youtube page, it actually is Jordan, from a jordan commercial….just so everyone knows

22 04 2008

Nicely done Jeff… Amazing how well it fits, huh?

… guess that *might* have been Sherrill’s point.

22 04 2008

Hey Don, got your email. My inspiration is that I love the lakers and think Kobe Bryant is easily the best player in the game, far and away. I saw the jordan commercial air on T.V. and instantly started searching for it on the internet, i stripped the audio, applied what I thought were meaningful Kobe clips, and went from there….I have several Kobe videos on my youtube channel, all made with windows movie maker. Here is the link http://youtube.com/user/jdfraler

check them out….go lakers

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