Conclusions in Confusion

23 04 2008

We Rite Goode are hosting the final round of blogger voting for NBA Awards, and it promises to be a good ‘un. I certainly am looking forward to what people think is ‘so’ (they added a few categories for votes too – thus the expanded format). If you’re interested, and you should be – We Rite Goode have the blogger final say on the matter up…

Anyway, on with what I had to say about it all… and a lil’ bit more:

Executive of the Year

  1. Mitch Kupchak (Lakers) – with due deference to Danny Ainge, the acquisition of Pau Gasol was a better piece of astute GMing than the KG trade. Yes, Garnett turns the Celtics from being a cellar-dweller into perhaps the best team in basketball, but at what price? Gasol didn’t cost the Lakers a single player in their top NINE! No ‘future-on-hold’, and the other effect this has is probably keeping Kobe Bryant happy and in a Laker uniform for the foreseeable future. Good work Mitch!
  2. Danny Ainge (Celtics) – Ainge turned a franchise from being a punchline to a headline. The addition of both Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett, put the pride back in Celtic.

Defensive Player of the Year

  1. Kevin Garnett – not only for his individual defense – which has been fantastic – but for instilling a stinginess in a team that was previously positively lackadaisical with their D. Now, the Celtics are a pack of nasty seagulls after a chip.
  2. Marcus Camby – gotta feel for the guy. Plays phenomenal defense on a team where no-one else even knows how to spell it. If Enver had a defensive mindset to match Camby, they’d be pretty much unbeatable.

Coach of the Year

  1. Byron Scott – hasn’t really had the kudos he deserves in taking a roster that people thought would struggle to make the playoffs as far as he has…
  2. Rick Adelman – had the Rockets doing things they had no right to be doing.
  3. Stan Van Gundy – will avoid the obligatory Ron Jeremy comment and just state that Van Gundy has done a good job with Orlando.

Most Improved Player

  1. Hedo Turkoglu – really came in from outta nowhere (seemingly), and is doing better than the Magic’s high-profile signee, Rashard Lewis.
  2. David West – has established himself as one of the better big forwards in the game, even tho’ his stats are only marginally improved over the last few seasons. Not quite at an elite level, but playing way beyond any of us thought he could.
  3. Andrew Bynum – Yup, I know… only a handful of games, but if he went from being the cause of Kobe’s ire to the reason Kobe’s still a Laker. Not a bad transition.

7th Man of the Year (a candidate must play no more than 24 minutes per game or have started more than 25% of all games he played).
I like the notion of this award. If 6th men are allowed to play like Ginobli, and play in excess of 30 minutes a game (more minutes than anyone not named Tim Duncan or Tony Parker)… then it’s a joke. Thanks guy for this one!

  1. Leon Powe – I know a few people who’ll love this selection. Powe’d be a starter on many rosters. Guy has a pretty big future. And he’s playing understudy to the best in the game.
  2. Jordan Farmar – has really improved this year, and is in a good position to take over the starter’s role next season.
  3. Rodney Stuckey – (could’ve gone to either him or Jason Maxiell, whichever you regard as not being the 6th man!) Definitely has added depth to the Pistons bench, and his quality minutes are a big reason as to why Detroit look threatening this year.

Rookie of the Year

  1. Al Horford – has done it all this year, night in, night out. Hasn’t taken nights off, and hasn’t been MIA… unlike the guy who’s favoured to actually win this award.
  2. Luis Scola – Maybe the reason why the Rockets did as well as they did. Yes, T-Mac’s there, but Scola flew under the radar for everyone.
  3. Kevin Durant – will end up being a better player than Horford, but hasn’t had as good a rookie season.
  4. Glen Davis
  5. Jamario Moon

Most Valuable Player

  1. Kobe Bryant – not sure why I am even going to bother arguing this one. Guy deserves it, and that’s based on what he’s done this year. We collectively asked him to play team ball, and make those around him better… he has. Previous years when he had amazing seasons, we declared that ‘stats-don’t-matter’ – yet now we want to award the MVP to Chris Paul or LeBron James based on… stats. People point to David West, Peja and Bonzi as being ‘improved by Paul’, when it’s patently not true – their stats are pretty much either a tiny bit better, or in the case of Peja/Bonzi – actually worse. And do not, do not hit me with the “life-time achievement award” stuff again. It’s really insulting and if I hear it again, I will puke blood.
  2. Chris Paul – Has had a phenomenal season. Perhaps the best point guard in the game today (tho’ I will reserve judgment on that until Steve Nash, Jason Kidd & Deron Williams have finished doing what they’re going to do in the playoffs). What he’s done with the Hornets is phenomenal… and his stats have been just remarkable. But he has had a full roster all season (unlike Kobe), and when crunch time hit, he couldn’t get it done & get the top seed (which may end up in an early beginning to the off-season).
  3. Kevin Garnett – Ok, maybe I was a lil’ tough on KG last vote (“…but – what? – you want to award a guy the MVP for getting the other Celtics to play the way they’re supposed to?”), and undoubtedly the reason the Green Machine is what it is, is because of one Kevin Garnett… but he’s not the MVP. Not when he has Paul Pierce & Ray Allen as his wingmen. As it stands at the moment, my pick to win the finals – I’m sure Garnett’d be happier to get that.
  4. Dwight Howard – A good supporting cast, but it is Howard who has got Orlando to this point. And Howard who will take the Magic further…
  5. Manu Ginobli – 6th Man Award? The powers-that-be really need to look at changing the criteria for this award. How can the best player on a team be eligible for the 6th man award?
  6. LeBron James – 45 wins doesn’t even make the playoffs in the West. Matter of fact, you finish TENTH.
  7. Carlos Boozer – Half of the reason many have the Jazz going all the way to the Finals.
  8. Amare Stoudemire – If Amare had been putting up numbers like he has the past month for the entire season, he’d be in everyone’s discussion for winning the MVP.
  9. Deron Williams – See #7.
  10. Tracy McGrady – Hell, I had really hoped that Kobe Lite T-Mac could make it out of the first round this year, but it’s just not happening.
    Hey, remember when we used to talk about Tracy McGrady & Kobe in the same sentence?

That’s it… thanks for all the bloggers who participated in this, and thanks to all those that hosted!

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17 responses

23 04 2008

Leon, Leon, Leon, Leon!

23 04 2008

@ brumbygg9
“Leon, Leon, Leon, Leon!” -hahaha! but yeah i guess he is a good candidate as the 7th man of the celtics.

@ wm
i think jason maxiell is more of a 6th man kind of guy. rodney stuckey fits better as the 7th man of pistons..

23 04 2008

80 games ago most people would have been saying “Leon Who?” He probably didn’t register in the top 10 on the team, but after James Posey has become the MVBP (Most Valuable Bench Player) for the green machine this season.

23 04 2008

Feel free to discuss other awards other than just the “7th Man”… [insert grumbles]

23 04 2008

and have to agree with the choice of Mitch Cupcake as Exec of the Year. The Gasol trade was outstanding and provided everything the Fakers needed to make a real at it this year and next. Danny A gave up the farm, but it really was a no-brainer so #2 at best.

23 04 2008

Whoa… Rob gives it to Mitch??? Paint me surprised! And yes, whilst I think DA did give up a helluva lot to get KG, ’twas a no-brainer.

23 04 2008

credit where credit is due…..

23 04 2008
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24 04 2008

Sad news to report for all the Leon-lovers…he may have topped Don’s ballot, but finished only fifth in the 7th Man voting (awards post is here, spreadsheet of results is here).

Thanks for participating, Don!

24 04 2008

In my (worthless) opinion, Paul is the MVP. He’s had the best season by a point guard in at least 20 years, and he’s taken a .500 team to the brink of the best record in the toughest conference in league history. I don’t want to take anything away from Kobe, who is the best player in the league, but the Lakers only truly took off when they added Gasol. Before that deal, I believe they were hovering around the 6 seed. I’m not saying that Gasol is the Lakers’ MVP, but without that addition, the Lakers wouldn’t have gotten the top seed in the West.

Feel free to call me an idiot.

24 04 2008

Glen Davis??!!! 4th in voting? That’s the silliest thing I’ve ever seen… man, those Celtics blogs have a ton of pull this year.

24 04 2008

Glen, Brian, et al.–this is just Don’s ballot; the full results are over on We Rite Goode.

24 04 2008

Brian – as WRG pointed out, and as I stated in the prologue – this is what I had to say on it… and I also said head over to WRG to see what everyone thought.
Hey, what can I say: I like what Davis did this year. But ‘silliest thing’? 😉

24 04 2008

I’m not sure that Big Baby (stupidest nickname since Big Country) deserves a whole lot of consideration in the ROY category. He has slid waaaaaay down the depth chart over the course of the season and has been spending a lot of time with Brian Scalabrine at the lonely end of the pine.

And having known Don a long time (he’s pretty old you know) I can tell you that he has said/written/done/eaten way sillier things….

24 04 2008

@ brumbygg9
yeah, the nickname Big Baby is kinda stupid..

24 04 2008
Lakers Blog

Can’t disagree with you on any of your picks. Well done!! MItch Kupchack, Kobe Bryant, Andrew Bynum, Jordan Farmar, all legit guys!! Thanks for the read.

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