NBA Grumblings With Malice

23 04 2008

Well… so much for those huge trades mid-season for the Suns & Mavs… not working out so well at the mo’, huh (currently penning a piece on that)? And the Raptors nearly pulled one out of the hat, but it was not to be…

In greater detail…

  • Dwight Howard… damn man. Giving 29/20 on the back of a 25/22… Guy is really, really tearing up the Rap-pack. It’s tough, because this game, Toronto really played some nice basketball. Chris Bosh offered up 29 points with 10 rebounds… Jason Kapono had 20 points, Calderon had 18 and Delfino put in 16, but they absolutely could not stop the Dwightmare. Said it before, “…it is Howard who has got Orlando to this point. And Howard who will take the Magic further.” – enormous effort.
  • Phoenix just cannot beat San Antonio in the close ones (102-96)… and that’s gotta be more gutting than getting spanked. You get hammered down, you just acknowledge that you didn’t bring it, and move on to the next game. Losing two games the way the Suns did – in both, but unable to close out – have to play heavily on the team. I know that the Suns are talking a good game, and if they can take the next one in a handy fashion, then maybe they’re still in it… but the odds are against them.
  • Dallas are in a far, far worse position. Nothing they throw at New Orleans seems to work, and they seem way, way out of their depth. Yes, if they can take the next two they’re still in it, but at least in the Suns/Spurs series, the Suns at least seem like they’re in the same league. Dallas don’t even look like they deserve to be on the same court at the moment… really hoping that they make this a better series… Kidd vs Paul? No contest, Kidd’s had 11 points/9 assists & 7 points/8 assists versus 35/10 & 32/17. Ugh.
  • Down, but not out. Howard Schultz, former owner of the Sonics has filed suit to try and keep the Seattle team actually in Seattle. Listening to Commish David Stern on the Mike Tirico show earlier this week, he’s not of a mind that it’s a case of ‘if’, but rather a case of ‘when’… Good luck Sonics…

Tomorrow’s games:

  1. Philadelphia at Detroit – more magic from the 76ers? I think the Pistons get it done… but at what cost?
  2. Atlanta at Boston – kinda feel for the Hawks…
  3. Enver at LA – someone, someone play some defense.



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24 04 2008
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24 04 2008

the sixers-pistons just got exciting, well at least for me.. i don’t about other people..
and btw, i like the term “dwightmare”.. pretty nasty.. haha..

24 04 2008

1) The Hornets are good, to be sure … but not THAT good.

You will see this for yourself when they go against either LA or San Antonio.

Same with Chris Paul.

2) Toronto played well last night, to be sure … but not THAT good.

They just made too many fundamental execution errors … (A) during the 1st Quarter, when Bargnani was horrific on defense; and (B) during the final 3:00 of the 4th Quarter, when several different players let them down …


3) The window of opportunity to win it all has now closed on the Phoenix Suns.

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