NBA Babblings With Malice

26 04 2008

Certainly getting interesting now, with Dallas taking a game off New Orleans and Detroit falling well short against Philadelphia. Have to wonder if this is it for the Pistons, even if they do manage to get past the 76ers, do they have what it takes to get past the might of the Boston Celtics?
Chris Paul – wasn’t his usual amazing self – but I have to comment on recent discussions hitting everywhere – blogs/radio/forums – on “who would you take out of Chris Paul, Dwight Howard or LeBron James?”
Those that answer ‘Chris Paul’ need to check the amount of prescription medication they’re taking. Yes, he’s good, very, very good… but please – taking him over perhaps the best center playing at the moment, and the Air Apparent?

  • San Antonio went into Phoenix, and have now pushed the Suns to the brink of elimination with a 115-99 victory.
    Tony Parker unloaded on Phoenix with a 41 point/12 assist game, and took the Spurs to a 3-0 series lead. On their own court, for the first time this series, the Suns didn’t look in it at all. San Antonio – and in particular Parker – ran rampant over the sluggish Suns.
    One low point: Popovich got the Spurs playing ‘hack-a-Shaq’ at various times, and it’s a blight on the game. Still, Suns look done, and are facing the broom.
  • Dallas fought back, and took one off the New Orleans Hornets, 97-87. Even in an off-night, Chris Paul hit a double/double (16 points/10 assists).
    But that we look at that as a poor performance by his standards shows just what a very special player the young guard is. Jason Terry did a very good job of guarding CP3, and Dirk Nowitzki and Terry did very well scoring too.
    Still, down 2-1… Dallas will have to play some very special basketball to pull this thing off.
  • Are Detroit done?
    Philadelphia thrashed them 95-75 in the first game on the 76ers’ home court.
    Andre Miller & Samuel Dalembert were excellent for the 76ers, who looked great against the Pistons.
    Roles were reversed: ’twas the Pistons who looked confused and out of sorts, and Philadelphia who had all the answers all night long. No-one counted them as a chance of being competitive this series, and yet here they are, 2-1 up with 2 more games at home.
    I still see the Pistons getting this done, but at what cost? There’s certainly a very big gap in the way they’re playing, and the dominance we’re seeing from Boston.

In tomorrow’s games:

  1. LA Lakers at Denver Nuggets – Can the Lakers go into Enver’s house & beat ’em?  Depends… on how much D the Lakers can summon.  I think they get it done.
  2. Orlando in Toronto – Orlando have to take this one.  Last thing they want is the series leveled, and the Raptors believing.
  3. Boston in Atlanta – Forgeddabowdit.
  4. Utah in Houston – after game 3, this series got intriguing.



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27 04 2008

[…] is it for the Pistons, even if they do manage to get past the 76ers, do they have what it takes to g sparks Bryant to 49-point game as Lakers win The West Frankfort Daily AmericanLOS […]

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