Err… Huh? NBA Confusion With Malice

28 04 2008

What the… I turn away from the PC/TV area for one minute, and Boston lose? To Atlanta? Ok, well… it might have been longer than a minute. Just. But it felt like a minute. Did I slip, hit my head and enter an alternate reality?

Not a lot of time, so a quick wrap up:

  • Atlanta beat Boston, 102-93. Go figure. Rob, take over – I’m in a state of shock.
  • LA joined San Antonio as the only team to move up to 3-0 in the NBA playoffs, beating up on the hapless Nuggs 108-84… And is it just me, or do the Lakers look good? Ok, I’m biased. But they do, don’t they? Meh… it’s only Denver. Scratch that I guess.
  • Orlando were too strong for Toronto, beating the cRaptors 106-94. Sorry, but tired, and having difficulty watching anything from this series.
  • To be expected, Houston are on the brink here against Utah, with an 82-86 loss. Now, the series heads back to Salt Lake City where the mormons now have something else to do – castigate Ric Bucher. Thanks Ric (always did think that guy was a complete idiot. Wait, did I type that out loud?).

Today’s games:

  1. Cleveland at Washington – do the Wiz capitulate, or does this get really, really interesting.  And does Souljah Boy hit the game?
  2. San Antonio at Phoenix – I love the smell of napalm in the morning, it smells like… err, no… wait.  That’s just Shaq’s jockey-shorts at the notion of Kobe going further in the playoffs than him.
  3. Detroit in Philadelphia – Now this series is interesting.  Gods, I hope, I hope, I HOPE the 76ers keep rolling…
  4. New Orleans in Dallas – do the Mavs continue?  Or do they roll over & show the underbelly?  You know, I think they keep going… at least for now.



3 responses

28 04 2008

Still scratching my head…. the only positive spin is that it might wake the Celts up a little and realize that no one is actually going to hand them the NBA title. Game 4 tonight should be interesting to see which green machine turns up.

28 04 2008

I’m thinking KG is going to be more than just a little mad at his team and the Celts take the sting and the crowd out of Game 4 early on before wrapping up Game 5 in Beantown.

29 04 2008

dallas and houston will be out.. the suns still have chances..
i though denver nuggets could play the lakers, but it seems i was wrong. the nuggs may take one today, but they will probably lose to lakers.
major props to atlanta for winning today’s game against the celts..

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