NBA Blah Blah Blah With Malice

28 04 2008

Pretty hard to work out patterns in the playoff series thus far. I get why teams up 2-0 or 3-0 lose a game, especially away… but pretty hard to foresee Detroit falling into a 1-2 hole before today’s game.

Anyway, on today’s games:

  • Detroit leveled the series 2-2 against the 76ers, winning in Philly 93-84… and perhaps putting the 76ers on notice. Thing is, even if they do get past Philly (and that’s no certainty – although there does appear to be a momentum change)… the next round is set to be a ripper, against what’s looking like being the Orlando Magic lead by the Dwightmare. Now that will be interesting… if the Magic’s shooters can step it up a bit, the Pistons are looking beatable (should they get past the 76ers!)…
  • Phoenix finally, finally win one. The 105-86 scoreline won’t help them too much tho’, as they head to San Antonio to play the Spurs down 3-1. I think they’re done. And that is going to mean some people have some serious accounting to do.
  • Like-wise in Washington. It’s one thing to talk trash, but what the Wiz have done goes to an entirely new level. Thing I don’t get is why you give guys like LeBron or Kobe ammunition to play well… like they need excuses. DeShawn Stevenson: Are you insane? LeBron James ‘over-rated’? So the Cavs moved to 3-1 in the series as it heads back to Cleveland… seems all but over.
  • Dallas is on the verge of extinction too. A 97-84 loss today puts them one game (next one’s in New Orleans) from starting their holidays. And I get the feeling that Cuban’s axe is getting sharpened, right about now.

In tomorrow’s games:

  1. Toronto at Orlando – The Raptors head to Orlando, down 3-1. Curtains, you’d think.
  2. Boston at Atlanta – Atlanta, having took game 3, will be facing a fired-up Boston (who would’ve had strips torn off ’em by KG)…
  3. LA Lakers at Denver – the Nuggs don’t look anywhere like a team that wants to win… but I think game 4’s a lot closer than any have been thus far. Still… I think we can get the brooms out.



2 responses

29 04 2008

Celts absolutely cave in the 4th Qtr… Game 5 will be a real test of character.

29 04 2008

major props for atlanta.. the series is tied 2-2

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