Phil Speaks, We Listen With Malice

29 04 2008

Well… Kobe Bryant is on the brink. On the brink of getting further in a playoff series than Shaquille O’Neal. Congratulations to Byron Scott – Coach of the Year… And congratulations to Hedo Turkoglu, named Most Improved player for the NBA.

But anyway, today’s games:

  • Yay. The Lakers win through to the second round of the play-offs with a 107-101 victory against the Nuggets. And the only sweep thus far in the playoffs… but to be honest, not sure if the sweep actually counts against Enver. Definitely the junior varsity team thus far in the playoffs.
    Vodpod videos no longer available.
    (Coach Philip, Kobe, George Karl, AI)
    I really felt for Karl during that interview… ok, not really.
    But it’s not his fault entirely (despite what my learned colleague at FGK thinks! Ok, that’s not entirely fair – he agrees with me that:), there’s definitely a player or five who might find themselves traded.
    Hell, one of FGK’s commenters suggested a ‘SellMelo’ site – where do I sign up?
    So now the Lakers just sit back and wait to play Utah the winner of the Utah/Houston series.
  • How the hell do Orlando play 5 games, and finish their first round before the Lakers, if only by hours?
    Amazing how this works.
    Still… in a game where the Magic beat the Raps 102-92, the Dwighternator continues to put up absolutely amazing numbers.
    Game 1 – 25 pts/22 rebounds.
    Game 2 – 29/20.
    Game 3 – (off night) 19/12.
    Game 4 – 19/16.
    Game 5 – 21/21.
    Amazing stuff. Scary amazing.
    Now they get to sit back, and watch Detroit struggle mightily against the 76ers.
  • The OMFG story of the day: Atlanta beat down on Boston, eventually winning 97-92. I don’t know if they can continue this, but it’s been one helluva ride for them thus far – what… with NO-ONE in their right mind giving them even half a chance to win a game, let alone be 2-2 with the mighty C’s… yeee-WOWsers! (I know that Rob’s having sleepless nights over this one). anyone?
    Kinda enjoying this, you do realise who originally drafted Johnson way back in 2001, right?

Tomorrow’s games should be very, very interesting:

  1. Dallas at New Orleans – can <insert relevant team name here> stave off elimination, and live to fight another day? (seriously, I don’t see it happening)
  2. Phoenix at San Antonio – can <insert relevant team name here> stave off elimination, and live to fight another day? (nuh-uh)
  3. Utah at Houston – can <insert relevant team name here> stave off elimination, and live to fight another day? (tough one… maybe, maybe they can! I mean, if you were going to beat Utah, it’s usually them on the road)
  4. Philadelphia at Detroit – funny. It’s all bass-ackwards. Everyone thought the West would be close, and dramatic… but it’s the East that’s providing us with the most drama. West has sweeps… or damn-close-to-it series. All I’ve got to say: GO 76ers!!!



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29 04 2008
The Free Agent

Lakers had an easy matchup. Denver is no where as good as they should be. However, the impressive team are the Atlanta Hawks and their relentless against a veteran team. It all starts with Josh Smith and Joe Johnson for the Hawks. What do you think?

30 04 2008
Nba » Phil Speaks, We Listen With Malice

[…] With Malice… wrote an interesting post today on Phil Speaks, We Listen With MaliceHere’s a quick excerptCongratulations to Byron Scott – Coach of the Year… And congratulations to Hedo Turkoglu, named Most Improved player for the NBA…. […]

30 04 2008
Los Angeles Lakers Blog

Lets go Lakers Lets go!!! Perhaps another sweep?

30 04 2008

My picks on today’s games.
1. Dallas steal one from New Orleans, just to make it interesting (and make life very tough for Avery Johnson – given they are practicing WITHOUT their coaches).
2. Phoenix are eliminated by San Antonio.
3. Houston win at home.
4. Detroit beat the 76ers to move 1 up.

30 04 2008

i’m pretty impressed with the hawks and sixers now.. they will likely get kicked out of the playoffs, but they sure proved that they are not fluke teams..

30 04 2008

Ok… Dallas are done, Detroit move to one up. Thus far, on 50%. But Phoenix/San Antonio is pretty close at the mo’, and Houston are up by 19.

30 04 2008

Houston move to a game behind Utah, who have a 3-2 lead, with a 26 point victory over the Jazz.

30 04 2008

Suns are done.

30 04 2008

oh yeah.. suns and mavs are out of the building..

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