Chris Paul… Need I Say More?

1 05 2008

Do you even need to attach any superlatives to Chris Paul’s name? Do any mere words do him justice?
Well, we’re going to try.

On May 6th (Chris Paul’s birthday), At The Hive will host the festivities, and it promises to be an occasion to remember.

With Malice… will be involved, and there’ll be a host of other, even more worthy blogs involved!




4 responses

1 05 2008

my birthday is on may 5th, a day before chris paul’s.. haha.. great! i’ll try to come up with a cp3 blog..

1 05 2008

sounds fun. he’s a great player and even more fun to watch.

2 05 2008

Have seen the light shine from CP3’s play and am now ready to argue loud and long the fact he is not just a worthy MVP candidate, but a person who clearly defines and stands for what MVP is supposed to mean. He is truly the league’s most valuable player in ’07-’08, hands down. I originally was casting the vote for Kobe but eventually realized a lot of that feeling came from where he was in the off-season, dissing everyone in sight…looking to be a Bull, etc. I think I and a lot of folks are thinking “what a great story” how L.A. turned it around with him leading the way, but can you actually vote for a guy to be MVP who has the supporting cast he has and spent most of his time in the off-season indirectly putting them down?

2 05 2008

MVP over Kobe?
Geez… not ready to say that! Just that I think he’s a mighty fine player, and deserves recognition!

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