NBA Shocked Dialogue With Malice

3 05 2008

Holy Cow, Batman!
Anyone else simply agog… speechless at what’s going on with the Boston/Atlanta series.
Atlanta just

And again, congratulations to Kobe, who is the 2008 MVP.

  • The Boston Celtics lose to the Atlanta Hawks, 103-100… and the collective fandom of the NBA is astounded. The Green nation have to be absolutely in fear by now, because it comes down to one game.
    One game.
    One game, and if they make a false move… Goodbye, sayonara, ciao, c’ya next year. And after all the swagger this season that’s been displayed… there’s some humble pie to be eaten, regardless of the outcome of game 7.
    Boston don’t look anywhere near as invulnerable as they did throughout the regular season, that’s for sure.
    From the perspective of their opponents, the Hawks, no matter what happens, they are the winners in this series.
  • Washington simply didn’t have what it takes to beat the Cavs in the end, Cleveland running out winners 105-88, and taking the series 4-2.  Lots of trash-talking and poo-flinging, but in the end there was only one LeBron.  It was entertaining, but I am looking forward to the next round… probably the Celtics, but who knows?
  • Utah closed out Houston, winning 113-91 – series over with a 4-2 win to the Jazz.  Yet again, Tracy McGrady falls short of success in the first round of the playoffs.  The Jazz at times looked very, very good… but at other times looked inept.  They start the conference semi-finals against the Lakers on Sunday.

Tomorrow’s games:

  1. Orlando at Detroit – game #1 of what promises to be a very good series – if Dwight Howard brings his monster game.
  2. San Antonio at New Orleans – egads… possibly a better match-up than Spurs/Suns…



3 responses

3 05 2008

There I was, searching for the right word, when I saw your post. Agog. That’s it. End of story. We’re all agog. How are your brackets doing?

4 05 2008

My brackets?

Shot to pieces.
Utah vs Houston – check.
Lakers vs Enver – check.
Dallas vs New Orleans – err… umm… scratch that.
Phoenix vs San Antonio – umm… same.

Detroit vs Philly – phew… check.
Orlando vs Toronto – check.
Wiz vs Cavs – ummm… nup.
Boston vs Atlanta – anyone’s guess at this point, huh?

4 05 2008

Detroit have the answers in game 1… 91-73

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