Kobe A Boozer? There Can Only Be One…

6 05 2008

Latest clip from NBA promotions…




5 responses

8 05 2008
Apryl DeLancey

Is it just me or does this commercial creep anyone else out?

8 05 2008

Hey Apryl, yup… they’re all a bit weird.
My favourites for ‘weird’ tho’ are the Nash/Ginobli one, and the Paul/Duncan one.

10 05 2008

anybody knows the name of this song?

19 05 2008
Chris Haggard

No one knows the name of the song in the background on any of the sites that show this video. If anyone knows what band that is, or the name of the song? Please help..

19 05 2008

Sorry Chris… no idea.
I’d hazard a guess & say it was written for the NBA for the commercial…

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