NBA Lip-flappin’ With Malice

6 05 2008

Dodgy stuff in the NBA? Gee… that’d be a surprise. So, end of the third in the Orlando/Detroit game, and the refs mess up the clock, allowing Chauncey Billups a basket that shouldn’t have been allowed.
What’s new?
Mike D’Antoni ‘allowed’ by the Suns to talk to other teams about coaching positions.
Allowed? Once you go there, there’s no coming back.
D’Antoni’s done, for sure. Just a matter of where he ends up. Me? I’d like to see what he could do with the (da?) Bulls.

Two games today:

  • Orlando lost to Detroit 100-93, and the refs mess it up, again. The game clock inexplicably stops with 4.8 seconds left, and on a play that clearly took (via TV cameras) 5.2 seconds to play, the refs (who aren’t allowed to use the TV info – again, inexplicably) ‘guesstimate’ that it took about 4.5 seconds or so… and allow the basket to stand.
    Is it just me, or do all of these close/favourable decisions go the way of the teams that David Stern obviously want to get through…? +
    Meh… just the conspiracy theorist in me I guess.
    Jameer Nelson & Howard came to the party this time, but although Rashard Lewis scored a nice 20 points, he hit 6 of 21 shots to score that. He’s going to need to work on his accuracy for the M-Men to have any semblance of a chance.
  • Yet again, San Antonio come up short against New Orleans, losing 84-102. Today, Chris Paul & Peja Stojakovic did the damage. I almost cannot ‘believe’ in the Hornets given that I have bet against them every step of the way, but sheesh… does this look like the end of the Spurs, or what?

Tomorrow’s game:

  1. Cleveland at Boston – This game has taken on huge proportions, given the struggles Boston had against Atlanta (in Atlanta). LeBron James provides a huge match-up problem for the C’s, but then so does KG for Cleveland. And Pierce… and Allen… and even Rondo for that matter.
    Looking forward to it.

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8 responses

7 05 2008

Mike D’Antoni is going to be welcomed by some franchise any second now…from what I read he may be a Donnie Walsh favorite in New York but he’s going somewhere for sure. I’m not really sure what he did wrong, unless he forced Steve Kerr to get Shaq. If that was the case, they both should have to march through the desert out of town. And yes, conspiracy theories are alive and well after the mystical decision in Detroit last night. This selective use of replay has always fascinated me, especially when human error and common-sense reaction time in timing the game is acceptable all night long and then, when there is less than a minute left, all of a sudden we have to freeze-frame every play and put time back on the clock at every opportunity. Think about all the time “lost” in 47 minutes and then we ultra micro-manage the final minute. That doesn’t make sense. A timing error should be reviewed as closely (or not) the first 47 minutes the same as the final minute. And if there is a TV replay, use it. Period. Whenever there is a “situation.”

7 05 2008

tied at 70 less than a minute to play..

7 05 2008

LBJ, pierce and allen were all out of sync.. lebron almost pulled off a quadruple double with his 12 points 10 TURNOVERS, 9 rebounds and 9 assists.. haha..!

7 05 2008

Yup… bit of a let down from LBJ.

7 05 2008
Steve "Nursedude"

If game one tonight of Boston-Cleveland was any indication, this one might be another 7 game grinder…

7 05 2008

i hope the rest of the series becomes more interesting and exciting..

7 05 2008
Apryl DeLancey

What is up with all the crazy calls!

7 05 2008

Not the first time since these playoffs began that we’ve had some strange officiating…
(sidenote: nice to have a sports-lovin’-girl on here Apryl!)

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