On The Verge…

6 05 2008

Of something phenomenal. That is where Chris Paul stands.

Don’t get me wrong – his past season ranks as one of the best seasons a point guard has ever had. But if he can repeat it, do what he did this season yet again… well, that would truly be phenomenal.
The very fact that in his third season in the NBA, he’s getting mentioned with the likes of Stockton, Robertson and Magic… well, that in itself is testament enough.

Many, many people had him winning the NBA MVP this season, and this week when it’s awarded to Kobe Bryant, many of those same people will decry Bryant’s season and claim that Paul should have won it.
Whilst I don’t necessarily agree with that sentiment, Paul’s season was such that if he did win it, not even this very passionate Lakers fan would’ve had too much to complain about.

With the season CP3’s had, with what he’s able to do on the court, it’s easy to forget that he’s a mere 22 years old.
And nigh on 6 feet tall.
That’s the amazing thing about Paul – he’s so young, and so diminutive in an era when NBA players are – across the board – bigger than ever before… yet he’s able to dominate.

It’s also part of the reason that the Hornets are so continually dismissed by all and sundry. During the regular season, we all waited for the collapse that never really came (unless you can call a late-season drop from 1st to 2nd).
Round 1 of playoffs: Dallas versus New Orleans.
Everyman’s response?
“I’ll go with experience.”
End result? Paul and his Hornets made the Mavs look old & decrepit, and left the franchise a smoking ruin that will probably never look the same.

Same with round 2. Nearly every punter has tipped the Spurs to take it – they are the reigning champs after all – but in game 1 it was the Hornets who ripped the Spurs to shreds, running away easy winners 101-82. The amazing thing was that it wasn’t Chris Paul, but David West who did the damage… but Paul has had his part to play in that.
He is the reason this New Orleans has faith in itself.
He’s the impetus behind David West’s surge to All-Star status, behind the resurgence of Peja Stojakovic and Bonzi Wells, the growth of Tyson Chandler.

It’s a pity that when Kobe Bryant gets awarded the Maurice Podoloff Trophy that there will be some who will demean both Kobe & Chris Paul by savaging the winner. Happens every year – disgruntled fans who are sure that their opinion’s correct, that they have somehow been wronged, and that – this year – Chris Paul’s season has somehow been diminished by not winning the MVP trophy.
How ridiculous…
Chris Paul had the season he had – nothing changes that.
Kobe wins the MVP… so?
Both would be deserving winners. Both have lifted their franchises to great heights this season. Mere awards detract nothing from the season Paul had.

Paul’s season was incredible, and all of basketball look forward to a multitude of the same. Then he can be rightfully declared to be up their in the pantheon of greats at his position.

And today, May 6th, is Chris Paul’s birthday. Congratulations, on this season. May you have many more like it – basketball waits…




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6 05 2008
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7 05 2008

Don, great post and tribute to CP3. And thanks to you, my site had a record number of hits today. Thank you so very, very much for advising me of the Chris Paul Day and allowing me to use your intro, etc. Much appreciated. I look forward to reading and commenting on your work from this point on. All the best.

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