NBA Blah-blah-blah With Malice

11 05 2008

Unbelievable. D’Antoni at the Knicks. Guess money was the over-riding factor in that decision, huh? Rick Carlisle at Dallas… and Avery Johnson will get a job – somewhere.

Have 2 days of basketball to talk about… so let’s get on with it:

  • The Lakers lost in Utah, 104-99, and as a Laker fan I’m not too disappointed, even tho’ that brings the Jazzmen up to 1-2 down.
    The Jazz are beatable.
    The Lakers nearly did so, and that was with everyone-not-named-Kobe playing at a less-than-average level, and Mr MVP himself having a poor first half.
    The Jazz tho’, are very, very tough. Ideally, the Lakers steal game 4, and head home to Staples only having to win one more.
    The match-up that’s tough is Boozer, as when he’s on his game, LA has no-one who can play him. He’s too long for Turiaf, and too strong for Gasol/Odom. When firing, he demands a double-team – a combination of length ‘n’ strength – and that opens up their shooters. Did you SEE the alley-oop pass Kobe did to himself? Nuts-stuff…

    Bring on game 4.
  • Detroit stole one from Orlando, winning in Orlando 100-99. Geez… 3-1 lead in the series, and game 3 was sans-Billups.
    One more game won, and the Pistons are back in yet another Eastern Conference final.
    They really do know when to turn it on, huh?
    They are much more convincing than the Celtics at the moment, and really seem to be able to afford to rest Billups, and have him ready when needed. Gotta feel for Dwight Howard tho’… he’s gone from being a superman to being a mild annoyance… if that.
  • The Cavs & King James hold court in Cleveland, and take one back in fine fashion – beating the Celtics by 24 points: 108-84.
    Cleveland ran away from Boston early on, and the C’s never looked in it. James had yet another off night shooting, but support was their – Delonte West had 21 off very efficient shooting to go with the inaccurate 21 James put up.
    Now, what is it with the road-woes Boston’s had this playoffs? Struggling to compete in Atlanta, and getting hammered in Cleveland… anyone who faces them must be thinking “if only we can steal one in the Garden…”

In tomorrow’s games:

  1. LA Lakers at Utah – this is it. Really like the LALAs to win this one… that’d put the Jazz in a 3-1 hole that I don’t think they can climb out of. The key is Gasol & Odom… and Fish on D-Williams. Kobe’ll get his…
  2. New Orleans at San Antonio – now we get to see what the Spurs are really made of… well, if they win this game, it’ll speak highly of them. Then back to New Orleans for game 5, and that will be not only for putting themselves in the lead, but they have a legacy at stake now… and are the Hornets the real deal? If they are, they win this one.

Lastly, ever wondered what your NBA nickname would be?  Wonder no longer – Where NBA nicknames happen(no idea why, but mine was “The Fijian”… my son’s was “The Fad”)




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11 05 2008
Nba » NBA Blah-blah-blah With Malice

[…] With Malice… wrote an interesting post today on NBA Blah-blah-blah With MaliceHere’s a quick excerptUnbelievable. D’Antoni at the Knicks. Guess money was the over-riding factor in that decision, […]

11 05 2008

if the Green machine is going to be taken seriously they have to start producing on the road. Watched the game this morning and it was embarrassing. They were out of the game about 4 minutes in….

11 05 2008

Watched the game this morning and the Green machine was out of it from about 4 minutes in. If they want to be taken seriously they have to start performing on the road and soon…

12 05 2008

oh yeah.. that was a sick self alley-oop by kobe..

12 05 2008

I bet Flip Saunders thanks his lucky stars every day that Glen Taylor chased him away from Minnesota whereupon he landed in Detroit. He seems to be doing just fine coaching the Pistons, meanwhile back in Minnesota, the Wolves prepare to have yet one more round of bad luck with the NBA Lottery…

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