NBA Shaberu With Malice

12 05 2008

Well, I guess money does talk.
Mike D’Antoni’s gone to the Knicks? Does that seem like a match-made-in-hell to anyone else?
The Knicks need a hard-nosed coach who is going to instill some discipline into New York’s premier franchise. In other words, NOT D’Antoni.
D’Antoni seems to be a perfect fit for the Baby-Bulls, who after being stifled by the restriction under Scott Skiles, would relish being let off the leash and allowed to run, run and run a lil’ more. They appear to have the personnel for it too. A very athletic roster. However, the word is that Pax wasn’t too enthused about having a team focused on offense, when he prefers the strict disciplinarian type (enjoying the leather/whips much?). More of an emphasis on ‘D’. Thus the dragging-of-feet on an offer to Mike D’Antoni.
But the Knicks? Good luck with Starbury yet again Mike. You didn’t like him in Phoenix, something tells me you’re not going to like him in New Yawk.

Rick Carlisle’s ensconced in Dallas, and Phoenix is without a coach. Having a player of Shaq’s nature demands an experienced coach… but who’s out there? Interesting days ahead in Arizona.
Amazing that a coach of Avery Johnson’s ability is left (at the moment) high & dry. Apparently Phoenix were unimpressed with the way that Johnson left Dallas, and will take no part in his future employment.

Anyway, some interesting developments today game-wise:

  • Utah beat LA in OT, eventually winning 123-115 – and tied up the series 2-2. Again, it was a game LA could’ve won… but fate conspired to send them back to the Staples Center to face what will be a re-vitalized Jazz. Kobe got his – 33 points and 10 assists – and playing through back-pain, but struggled to maintain his accuracy – as did most of the team not named Odom or Gasol. Gotta get the bigs involved – both of them are very accurate from in close… Ronny Turiaf surprised me with a very nasty foul on Ronnie Price – totally unnecessary.

    As a Laker-fan, not overly surprised about not winning in Utah’s house – any team that has a 37-4 record at home is going to be hard to beat.
    Their record on the road is not so impressive… and Carlos Boozer continues to struggle with accuracy. Hopefully, in LA’s house on Wednesday, the Lakers get the job done. Fingers crossed…
  • The Spurs did the same – equalizing the series 2-2 with a 100-80 win. San Antonio did a pretty good job of limiting Chris Paul – better than anyone has thus far these playoffs. Paul finished with 23 points and 5 assists for the game. Not a bad total, but certainly not what we’ve come to expect. Tim Duncan hit his straps – 20 points, 15 rebounds and 4 blocks.
    Are the Spurs back? Don’t know… but I think they have a greater chance than Utah.

In tomorrow’s game:

  1. Boston at Cleveland – Boston have been all over LeBron like a bad case of crotch-rot. Really, really doing a good job of getting in his face, and limiting good looks. Unfortunately for Boston, the rest of the Cavs really stepped up in game 3. Can they do it again? With the way the C’s have been on the road, I think so. Yet another series tied up at 2 a-piece.



6 responses

13 05 2008

another woeful Q4 yet again from the Cs. Until they win a game on the road this post season they will struggle to command respect.

13 05 2008

not to mention win series

13 05 2008

Definitely not championship material, even if they win the Championship!

13 05 2008

that’s a very zen observation….

13 05 2008

Now & zen I come up with ’em… it’s from living in Asia for so long…

14 05 2008

@ wm
haha.. well how long have you been here in asia anyway?

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