Boston Popped

17 05 2008

All it will take is one LeBron James show reminiscent of the one he pulled on Detroit last year, and the Celtics season is a failure.
Can he do it?
Yes… It’s more than a feeling.

Will he do it? Well… that’s the big question.
As James said himself (in an amazing bit of hubris):

“A LeBron James team is never desperate.”

Well that maybe so, and if Cleveland do manage to win their next game, it will be because he is smokin’, and the rest of the team hitch a ride.
Given that he’s one of two, maybe now 3 players (given the rise of Chris Paul) who can absolutely take over a game like no other, even home-court advantage will give Doc Rivers and the Boston Celtics no peace of mind. Doc will be telling the green machine to forget about game 6, and just don’t look back.

Ok… enough of working in the puns. Boston will have to have every available body part crossed and not just fingers, because as he of the third person proclamations stated: they’re not desperate.

Wave bye-bye to the Utah Jazz, and I gotta say – given the performance of the Utah crowd, I’m not disappointed to see them depart from the playoffs. Great team… very, very, very ordinary fan-base. From the incessant whining of ‘we wuz robbed’ to the ‘cancer’ chants for Fish, the San Antonio crowd has nothing on this mob. And mob is the right word.

No game scheduled for tomorrow, game 7 for Boston/Cleveland the day after.




One response

19 05 2008

way to step it up, Mr Pierce….

hard to go into the Detroit series with huge confidence, unless Mr. Executive of the Year can convince the pistons to play in the road uniforms at home and let us play in white the whole series!

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