Closing time…

17 05 2008

Can anyone win on the road?

Utah will host the Lakers, and Cleveland Boston. Honestly? I have no idea. Sooner or later one of these teams will win a road game, it might be tomorrow… or it might not.

It’s unlikely to be Boston. Boston have struggled famously during these playoffs, and they are yet to win a playoff game in somebody else’s house. The Cavs are likely to hold serve in Cleveland, and the Celtics just have to hope their mojo holds in Boston, and LeBron doesn’t go off like Vesuvius.

LA? Well… maybe. More likely than the Celtics but who knows? It all comes down to 3 things: 1. How bad is Kobe’s back? 2. Will the other Lakers step up? 3. Will the refs call fouls *fouls* in Utah? If LA can get 2 outta 3 happening, then they can win in Utah. They’ve gone close twice (a lot closer than any other away team not named Detroit)… maybe three time’s is the charm.

Last word: Rob Horry. For a guy I’ve liked & long thought was a class act, his hit on David West leans me towards believing that the Steve Nash thing was no accident.

Yeah, I know, not as bad, and not actually even a foul – but have a look at him lean into David West’s lower back. This, on a guy you know has a history of back issues. Of course both were intentional, and if it means Robert Horry & the Spurs get to the Conference finals I guess it won’t bother him overly. Just leaves a bad taste in the mouth, huh…




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17 05 2008

1. if you EVER thought he didn’t purposely hip-check Steve Nash, you were kidding yourself

2. Did you see what Tyson Chandler did to Tony Parker in New Orleans? He flattened his ass from behind with a hard backscreen. In that instance, everyone said, well, duncan should have warned him…well, maybe cp3 or whoever the point was should have warned West too…it was a perfectly legal, hard backscreen like the kind you see every day in the nba.

3. kurt rambis, bill lambieer, larry bird, magic, kareem, parrish, and just about every player from the 80’s and 90’s fouled the opposition 5x harder than this and never had this kind of backlash. this was playoff basketball at its best.

the only poor result of that screen was the fans chanting Horry’s name. it was not a cheap shot, it was a smart, hard basketball play and america’s sportswriters and bloggers need to get some freakin’ tissues to wipe their tears…

17 05 2008

You raise some really valid points FB72, especially on years gone by…
But that was prior to having Tivo or any system that allows us to watch stuff as closely as we can now, huh?
Basketball’s evolved a lot since then… good? Bad? Up to the individual.

Horry leans into West’s lower back. Allow me to paraphrase your own comment: If you EVER thought ol’ Bob isn’t aware that West has a lower back issue, then you’re kidding yourself!

17 05 2008
Apryl DeLancey

Hopefully the Lakers win on the road tonight!

17 05 2008

With you on that Apryl!

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