Taking the ‘ugg’ out of Melo

20 05 2008

What do you get if you lose the ‘ugg’ in ‘Nuggets’?

“…this crap about getting rid of Melo is so tired. If it was not for Melo Denver would not have even been in the playoffs for 5 straight season… Melo ressurected this franchise and to blame him is crap and lazy way to say the Nuggs have too much talent to lose in the first round all the time…”

“No I dont think Melo is gonna implode, but if he does it wont matter where he plays. I believe you can not get equal value in a Melo trade… Instead of seeing if the assclowns who dislike Melo can run him out, everyone should be concerned why they cant get a better system to run.”

“Yes, I would take Melo over everyone but LBJ. But thats just me. I like him and he is young.”

(a variety of commenters on When is Enough, Enough? – a piece arguing that Denver should dump Melo)

Apparently, I wasn’t so far off base when I suggested that Denver should explore what they can get for Carmelo Anthony…
The rumor circulating the NBA-world at the moment is that the New Jersey Nets are looking at a blockbuster trade that would send ‘Melo & Camby to New Jersey in a trade that brings a package to Denver that includes Richard Jefferson, Marcus Williams, Keith Van Horn’s contract and the Nets’ lottery pick in the upcoming draft.
It will make the lottery all that more important for the Nets, who have to be hoping that they can land a top 10 pick – which would make a trade all that more enticing for the Nuggs.

Whilst this trade may not eventuate, the very fact that the rumor-mill’s churning this stuff out about Anthony, and that the Nuggets aren’t making any comment on it is enough.

And they are right to be doing so. Simply put, the culture of lackadaisical effort begins with Anthony, and moving him might just send a message that is actually heard.

Interesting times ahead, and the only thing that’s certain is that change is imminent in Colorado.




15 responses

20 05 2008

“If it was not for Melo Denver would not have even been in the playoffs for 5 straight season…”

Yeah, Champ, if it were not for Melo and his half ass play… they wouldn’t have exited those same playoffs in the FIRST ROUND 5 straight seasons.

He’s the next T-Mac. All the talent in the world, zero desire to utilize it to the max.

“Melo ressurected this franchise” and he is also the one bringing it down.

And the whole punching like a schoolgirl and then back-pedaling like a bit** tells you everything you need to know. Not the mention, saying your entire team and organization, top to bottom QUIT. I’d kick his out on the curb faster then he could spell DUI.

It’s time for him the pack his bags. He’s a locker room cancer and he will be on any team he plays on.

20 05 2008

Not sure I feel as strongly about him as you do Flux, but similar end result – Nuggs should see what they can get for him. And they appear to be at least dipping a toe in the water.

(and good to have you comment here!)

20 05 2008

I just strongly dislike players that squander their talent, cheat the fans and disrespect the game. Who the hell is out getting wasted in the middle of the night prior to the playoffs starting? Nice role model for his kid or anyones for that matter. DUI, bicthpunching , countless possessions and busts for dope, saying everyone else quit, making hood tapes about snitching. When does it end? I wish the NBA had some kind of maturity test, so people like LBJ and Chis Paul can get in early and clowns like Melo are kept out.

Some of them really need to spend a few years doing the Jamario Moon tour de hard knocks to appreciate the situations they are in.

The thing is when he figures it out, it will be much to late and no one will care. At least not me.

21 05 2008

Pretty sure Chris Paul punched a dude in the junk, which is at least as bad as ‘Melo slapping whoever it was on the Knicks he slapped. And didn’t LeBron just pick up a dumb as hell speeding ticket?

21 05 2008

It looks more than a possibility; the sports talk radio growing a slow buzz about this deal here in CO. The key is probably Nene’s health, if he can handle the middle (when healthy he turns Tim Duncan inside out) for 75 games. There is a obvious rift between the front office and the coaching staff on which dirention to go.

21 05 2008

I always thought he was the one to build around, but it might be time for him to go. He’s a monster on offense, but couldn’t care less about defense. He’s supposed to be the leader, but isn’t. I’ve defended him for years, but I’ve finally had to throw in the towel. He just doesn’t get it.

This team is dysfunctional and something drastic has to be done. It’s possible Melo is the root of a lot of their problems.

If he does go, I’m going to be really bummed. But Richard Jefferson can replace a lot of that offense, and bring some defense, if he’s healthy. Marcus Williams straight sucks though. A shoot first PG with no D.

There’s a lot of players in this draft who could really help the Nuggets. I’ll be interested to see what pick the Nets end up with.

21 05 2008

Andrew.. at least CP3 was fighting his own fight. Melo waits for the whole thing to be over, then sucker punches Mardy who’s under the impression it is over. And to top it off, he runs away faster then a rabbit from a pack of wolves. Despicable b**ch a** move.

Speeding and drinking & driving are two very different things.

What’s your excuse for the pot charges?

What about calling your entire team a bunch of quitters when you don’t even dedicate yourself to the game?

The fact is in his “short” time in the L, the guy keeps making wrong decision after wrong decision. He is not a role model anyone should look up to anything in any way. His kid being the first one. Is all this stuff something you want your kid reading about when he gets older?
He just doesn’t get it and if he hasn’t figured it out by now, he never will. And like I said before, if he does, it will be much to late to do anything about it because no one will care.

21 05 2008

how many wins did the nuggets have the year before melo and when was the last time they made the playoffs? why don’t you look that up and then look at how many they have won since then. just because he is the best player on the team does not mean that he has to be the team leader. it worked out pretty well at syracuse. please trade him so the nuggets can go right back to a 20-25 win lottery team every year and the nets can take back over the east.

21 05 2008

Who cares how many wins they had before they got him or how many times they made the playoffs? What does that have to do with anything. And by the way they have won ZERO rounds since then, so what’s the difference. F, you might as well not get into the playoff then.

“just because he is the best player on the team does not mean that he has to be the team leader.”

I don;t even know what that means. But at the very least if you are the face of the franchise you should carry some responsibility and not act like a douche that could care less and continually smears the name of the organization.

And believe me the Nuggs will be the 100 time better off without him. He’s like Starbury… he will bring nothing but cancer to any teams he goes to. F the regular season records. No one cares or remember that crap, man. You are made or broken in the playoffs. Dude is the next T-Mac.

21 05 2008

It’s not Melo who needs to go, it’s George Karl. Melo isn’t a leader, but that’s not the problem. AI is the team leader, so someone else (even though he should do it on his own) needs to light a fire under Melo and the rest of that lazy team. George Karl has stopped caring about basketball, and maybe rightly so after life altering experiences, but he needs to go. Either that, or summon “Furious George”

21 05 2008
El Verdad

To all the people saying Melo ran like a b****:

How many of you have actually been in a fight with more than one person? Have you ever fought in a crowd? Standing in a crowd without backing up to see what’s coming at you is an ill-advised move and would result in an supreme a** whoopin. Carmelo was simply trying to see what was coming at him. By no means was he running. Get into an actual fight before callin someone a b**** for getting away from a crowd that could stomp your head in.

21 05 2008

Sorry El Verdad… but you are wrong. Dead wrong.
Look at this.
The fight’s even dying down and there’s nothing really happening, and Melo comes in and hits Mardy Collins like – as you say – a b****.
There’s simply no denying it. He’s not fighting in a crowd, he RUNS IN (no-one’s actually fighting), hits Collins and turns tail.
Sorry EV – the lamest thing I’ve seen on a basketball court… with the possible exception of Kermit Washington.

21 05 2008

El Verdad… you are delusional.

I’ve been in more fights then you can dream of. I’ve been jumped by more the 2 people and attacked from behind numerous times. Not effing once did if RUN BACKWARDS and AWAY. I may have backed up and stopped to yes, get a better view of what’s going on. But ran…. NEVER!! There is difference between backing up and running away, my friend. Also, he was not in a crowd of strangers.. he was in a crowd where half the people are his team mates.

As I’ve already said.. he punchs like a bit** because as far as everyone was concerned the brawl was already over.. all the Knicks are walking to their bench..and then he steps in to get his 2 cents in… and proceeds running 3/4 of the court. You are freaking delusional man..”by no means he was running”.. he was running as soon as he threw it and it wasn’t even a punch.. i don’t know what that was.

If you can’t take an ass whooping don’t get into the fight to start with. Simple as that. And yes I’ve taken my share of those.

Look at the video before you start yappin. HE RUNS AWAY FROM NATE ROBINSON AT THE END and flails his hands around like a school girl.

21 05 2008

Sorry Malice.. sloooow net here today.

21 05 2008

All good flux… edited (sheesh… same post three times!?)…
[gets out popcorn] Looking good between you two.
Ding-ding… round 2?

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