Good Guys vs Bad Guys

21 05 2008

And so it begins…

May 20th, the Detroit Pistons will travel to Boston to take on the Boston Celtics. Detroit comes in rested, and well-versed in the struggles that Boston’s had to get to these Eastern Conference Finals. Detroit will be hoping to leave Boston after games 1 and 2 at the very least tied at 1 game-a-piece.
Rasheed, Chauncey, Rip, Tayshaun & co. have all been here before… or so close to the same roster that it hardly makes a difference. If any squad knows what it’s all about, this one’s it.

Boston… has there ever been such a short-odds favourite that’s struggled so mightily to get to the Eastern Conference? Talk about a difficult endeavor…
And without a doubt – Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen & Paul Pierce realise that they have a window of limited opportunity. Each one of them are on the downside of their better years, and it weighs heavily on each of them that they’ve never won a title. And they There’s no jewelery for these excellent players… at least, not yet.

So, can Detroit steal the opener? Can they get it done against Boston – a team that looked nigh on invulnerable during the regular season, but has looked like Superman with a kryptonite necklace when in green uniforms… ?
No. Not game one. Maybe game two – and we can re-appraise that one post the first – but in game 1 the Celtics are at home, and riding a wave of adrenalin.
First blow, Celtics.

And how ’bout them Spurs?
Even tho’ the Spurs were my pick, I was hoping for the Hornets (a. more entertaining, b. better match-up for the Lakers!). I guess I should feel vindicated with picking the Spurs to win in 7, but I don’t. I feel cheated. The good news is that New Orleans will be around for years to come.
I wonder how many people will be in favour of a Celtics/LA final? It’s the more entertaining option.
Another Detroit/San Antonio finals? Ecch… I just vomited in my mouth. Just a lil’.

It’s funny that as a Laker-fan, there’ll be quite a few people cheering for LA against San Antonio…
Afterall, this time, LA’s the good guys.




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21 05 2008

Odds on Celtics v Lakers in the big show?

21 05 2008

I was quite sad the Hornets didn’t put up a better effort in Game 7 but give the Spurs their due. While I will be rooting for LA to wipe the floor with them, I can’t get over the fact they kept getting off the floor and coming back for more against NO. When you think about how badly they were beaten in the prior games there…hopefully, the Hornets learned a valuable lesson in this series about what it takes to win out deep in the playoffs and with the core of their team signed up for several seasons, there is no reason to think they won’t be in the hunt again for a few more years to come.

21 05 2008

I really don’t think the Hornets are going to recover from this mentally. Depending on matchups, I see early round exits for time to come. Chandler has to go.. no offensive game other then dunking. Peja should return to Europe, the NBA is not for him.

21 05 2008

White uniforms come through again….

Given their road woes Game 2 is absolutley pivotal for the Cs. If they can go to Motown up 2-0 and just maybe steal one…. of course, that’s what I said about the Cavs series too!

21 05 2008

I’m getting pretty good at this prediction stuff, huh? Or pretty lucky…
Denver should dump Melo – looks like a check…
Spurs will win in 7 – check…
Lakers will win on the road for game 6, Boston will lose game 6 but win game 7 – check, check…

Jerry Sloan should be watching his back.

21 05 2008

and your prediction for the conference finals (given the benefit of game 1 already in the bag in the East)?

21 05 2008

LALa in 5… maybe 6.
Celtics in – you guessed it – SEVEN.

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