Heart’s racing – Lakers out of the FIRE

22 05 2008

Holy down-to-the-wire, Batman!

This may ramble quite a bit as my heart’s having palpitations… hell. It’s doing a Megadeath riff at the moment…
STILL quite amazed that the Lakers won this one.
And I’d be remiss if I didn’t thank the guys at AOL Fanhouse for pointing me in the direction of TNT NBA Playoffs Live – OF ALL THINGS THAT ARE GOOD AND HOLY -THANKYOU! Sheesh… able to watch the games as they unfurl, and ahead of even the TV? You gotta understand – I don’t get full coverage here in Japan, just the odd game – so this is HUGE for me (and for those outside the US).

Prior to the game’s beginning, if you told me that the end result would have both teams scoring under 90, then asked me who would be the winner, I would tell you the Spurs. But the 89-85 scoreline went the other way. ‘Twas the Lakers who’d run out winners in the end.

Certainly didn’t look like unfolding that way earlier on. The first half saw Kobe only take 3 shots for 2 points, and the Lakers went in at the half 8 points down (51-43)… the third quarter saw the Spurs open up a nasty run, and move to a 65-45 advantage.
Honestly? I felt sick to my stomach.
But then something amazing happened.
Kobe Bean Bryant came alive.

Earlier this week I declared that the Spurs were Lazarus-like in their comeback from 3-2 down in their series against the Hornets – The Lakers certainly did their own rise-from-the-dead impersonation during this game.
As stated earlier, Kobe had 2 points in the first half – he finished with 27 for the game with 9 assists and 5 rebounds. His team-mates were there in support, I guess they’d want to be after the sweet watches Kobe landed on each of ’em (including one for Andrew Bynum – a class touch). Vujacic – who’s normally known for never having a look that he didn’t like – did an absolute number defensively on Manu Ginobli. The supreme Argentine flopper player finished with 10 points on 3-from-13 shooting.

I almost feel for Tim Duncan. Almost. Laying down the law in the paint, ol’ Timmy had 30 points, 18 rebounds and 4 blocks. With a performance like that, you’d have to be sure that San Antonio steals the game. He has to be wondering what more does he have to do.
But it just was not to be.

With about 4 minutes to go, I made the comment on a Live-blog (one of two I took sporadic part in)

“LeBron James, take notes please…”

And that’s the difference. James is a great player. Phenomenal. His game 7 against the Celtics was one for the ages. And he has no-where near the support that Kobe now has. But at the end of that game, he clanged. And that’s simply a fact, no matter how many points he scored earlier.
Maybe… but the guy he’s most often measured against showed exactly why he has the reputation of being a stone-cold assassin with ginsu-knives for teeth (nod to HP on that, sure I read something like that description somewhere there…). With less than a minute-and-a-half to go, Kobe pulled up and hit a jumper that was positively Jordanesque. It put the Lakers ahead for the first time.

Kobe was simply all we expect him to be… all an MVP should be.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Want some more? Excellent wrap up over at Hardwood Paroxysm…



9 responses

22 05 2008

megadeath riff???? lol..ha don your age is showing…quite true mind you.
Anyway eff the lakers for beating the spurs..and eff the spurs for sucking in the last quarter….where the hell was bowen or horry with a couple of friendly fouls on kobe…..

22 05 2008

Don was right to sweat Game 1. When Coach Philip gets that one, he’s 40-0 lifetime. Take the next 3 to 6 games off…

23 05 2008
Apryl DeLancey

I thought I’d die also…then I came back! Whew!

23 05 2008

Hey… Loki?

And yes DMtS – awesome to have the Lakers come back with a game with such import. I feel that having a game taken from you (Spurs) like that is far worse than getting hammered.

And Apryl, I did die watching it. Twice. But I’m still here!

23 05 2008


A loss like last night’s will have little, if any, effect on the San Antonio Spurs, who will take from it only that a regular game from Manu GINOBILI! = a victory for them if all other aspects of these two teams remains equal.

IF GINOBILI! strokes his final 3 … it’s 1-0 San Antonio.

This series is going 7 games, one way or the other.

23 05 2008

Sorry… Manu has sucked ass hard when only given a day’s rest during the playoffs. He’s still injured, that foot still hurts.
And guess what? The entire Western Conference Finals, only one day off.

And all I said was a loss like the last one is far harder to shrug off than a beat-down. Just ask Phoenix…

23 05 2008


No harm, no foul.

We can agree to disagree … but these are aren’t the sentiments of a veteran team that will let the stings of last night’s loss linger.


Are you familiar with the old movie, “The Professionals”?

Well, in the film anthology I use … under that title … it’s got a picture of the Spurs. 🙂

23 05 2008

Err… the sorry wasn’t an apology, it was in disagreement! Hehe…

Films? You know – The Usual Suspects? That’s the Spurs…
All the guys get reamed in the end by Keyser Söze.
I’d cast Kobe in the role of Söze…

23 05 2008

I didn’t take the “sorry” as an apology, in the first place.

I meant … no harm, no foul.

I think you’ll figure out the intended context from my end.

It’s all good … even the disagreement.


The Usual Suspects?

Ahhh … I know it well … but, alas you are incorrect in your casting skills, my friend.

Close your eyes and picture if you will … “There can only be one.”-style …

Keyser Soze/Verbal Kint/Kevin Spacey on the Left half of the screen


Gregg Popovich on the Right!!!

Now you know the rest of the story (Paul Harvey-style). 🙂

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