Silver Bullets?

24 05 2008

My gut was right.
Boy oh boy, was it right.

There are still games to be played (most importantly, to be played on San Antonio’s home court), so don’t want to get ahead of myself, but sheesh… was that a dominant game by the Lakers or what?

We’re two games into the series, and the San Antonio Spurs have had two defeats, each crushing in their own way. Game 1 ahead by 20, only to let the Lakers back in and lose, that had to hurt the psyche. Game 2 – get absolutely blown out, 101-71… a crushing blow to the ego.

I’ve never seen a Spurs team so thoroughly beaten in a playoff game. There was absolutely nothing for San Antonio, no lights in the darkness, nothing in this performance to hold on to. Well… Tim Duncan’s 16 rebounds maybe? But his performance overall? Well… only 12 points isn’t going to get it done. Not when Parker’s playing poorly and Ginobli’s obviously hurting – no matter what he actually says.
And beyond those three, the Spurs have no one to turn to.

On the other side of the scorer’s table it was a different story. LA presented a balanced attack – Kobe scoring 22, Odom 20 and Farmar with a personal playoff-high of 14 points – and out-shot, out-rebounded and out-played the Spurs. Great to see Trevor Ariza making an appearance at the end too. But you know it’s gotten particularly out of hand when Jordan Farmar’s doing Prince impersonations.
No, not that Prince – Tayshaun Prince!

Yapped online about the game over at LA BallTalk, and although many were talking up the win as the first of many, it’s never a good idea to sleep on the Spurs. They are the stereo-typical bad horror movie monster, they just won’t stay down.
Welcome to the NBA’s version of Jason Voorhees.

But if any team can place a stake in the monster’s heart, it’s this LA team.




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