Flyin’ in the face of logic

25 05 2008

The game’s just beginning, and Boston’s in the Palace at Auburn Hills.
In the ‘Ray of Hope’ piece, I stated that I thought there was reason for Boston fans to expect better on the road… even tho’ the Palace might just be the hardest place to win left in this season.
And I ‘feel’ that maybe Detroit might disrespect Boston a lil’ tonight.
Ray Allen will have a good game tonight, and the C’s to take it to the Pistons, and win by 7 or less.

You can get game info and talk at AOL Fanhouse’s Live Blog of game 3.




4 responses

25 05 2008

huuuuuuuuuuge win for the Cs in Motown! Incredible first half, great fightback by the Pistons in the 2nd and a few anxious moments for Malices’s favourite Celtics fan! The monkey is off the back, the series is back on homecourt advantage… game on!

It will be forgotten in the mix of the whole game, but if you get a chance have a look at the shot Ray Ray put in with aound 4 ticks left in the 4th qtr. He might not be at his best at the moment, but this is an instance of pure shooters ability.

Celtics v Lakers? The dream is still alive baby!

25 05 2008

Ok… I got the margin wrong…

But pretty damn happy with my tipping!

25 05 2008

you are a golden god…….

25 05 2008

Unfortunately Rob, my intestinal-intuition’s telling me game 4 goes to the Pistons.
Still, that’d still leave the C’s with homecourt advantage.

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