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26 05 2008

Talk about conflicted.
My head’s telling me that San Antonio comes home and gets the job done.
My heart’s telling me that LA can do this.
My gut’s telling me that San Antonio will be troubled by the ball movement that the triangle espouses.

Goin’ with my intestines again.

I don’t know… I do think that the Lakers take 1 of 2 at San Antonio, and I think that game 3’s ripe for the pickin’. Lakers take a nail-biter.

Get your live viewing at TNT Interwebby thingy. And talk about it at either LA BallTalk’s Live Blog, or AOL Fanhouse (Fanhouse’s isn’t up yet, but guessing they’ll have one).  Don’t forget to vote for Ronny Turiaf for the Yellowbook player-cam!




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26 05 2008

NINJA! Hoping you can make it to

26 05 2008

Well, don’t think I could’ve been more wrong on that. Should listen to my head a lil’ more.
Spurs were always going to be a tough proposition on their home-court, and run out winners 104-84.

27 05 2008

I commend you when you’re correct, which I know you can appreciate. 🙂

And, if you’re not … hopefully, I can sometimes point you in the ‘right’ direction …

with a gentle nudge, from a friend.

Sorry I missed yesterday’s Live Blog at

It’s the best of all possible worlds, if you’re an aficionado of outstanding hoops and both teams playing are what you consider to be top notch, first-class operations who you respect immensely. 🙂

As far as this series goes … I count myself to be extremely fortunate. It’s strictly a win-win for me.

27 05 2008

Sheesh! Pretty easy to right in retrospect Khandor!

27 05 2008


You SHOULD know me better than that by now.

I don’t do things or make claims of being right ‘in retrospect’.

Be sure and read the recommendations put forth in the ‘Comments’ section.

Whenever possible it’s important to try and share the wealth with others.

27 05 2008

Still not sure how that link equates to a prediction of a game 3 win. It’s all well and good to say ‘if this happens then…’, but it’s still not a prediction.
It’s analytical observation – and as far as that goes it’s very, very good… but unless you come out and say “so and so will win …”, well…

27 05 2008

I’m not referring to a “prediction” I made of who would win or lose yesterday’s Game 3.

I am referring to a “prediction” that … if Coach Pop goes with the individual player match-ups I’ve suggested, i.e. with Horry & Barry in, big-time, and Udoka out, the Spurs will see dramatic improvement in their team’s performance vs LA … which is precisely what happened yesterday.

That prediction, right there, was 100% on the $$$.

Based on yesterday’s game, Coach Pop has indeed figured it out.

The ball is now in PJ’s court.


According to my evaluation of these two teams, whoever is willing to step out on a limb and make a series call on the winner, at this point, simply doesn’t understand just how close the Spurs and Lakers are to one another as as a high calibre NBA team, capable of winning the championship this year.

I don’t make poor predictions.

In my book, it’s about being right not just what I like.

27 05 2008

Respectfully Khandor, I have never come on to any site and said “told you so”. And I really doubt I’d do it (even if I were so inclined) if I’d prefaced said prediction with an “if”.
But – and here’s the kicker – it’s pretty discourteous to come onto someone’s site and tell them that they have no idea.
I know I’m no expert… no-one writing on a blog for free could really declare themselves to be… and hell, there are a helluva lot of guys who are getting paid to do the same have NFI. Never made the claim to be infallible.
Maybe it’s arrogance, but I think I understand the game pretty well… and I think I’m relatively astute.
Sometimes you get it, sometime’s you’re way off. Some I’ve nailed, some I’ve missed. That’s ok, I’ll take that. No probs. But I have had the cojones to come out and call ’em.

Feel free to talk ball with me (even smack talkin’), but the holier-than-thou stuff I can do without.

27 05 2008

Holier-than-thou stuff?

There is nothing of this sort in what I’ve written on your site.

If this is your perception of what I’ve had to say, so far, then it reveals more about you than it does about me or the words I choose to use.

Did you not read where I said, “I commend you when you’re correct.”

If you don’t wish to be pointed in the right direction when you’re wrong, to better understand THE reason for your incorrectness in the first place, in that instance … then just say so, and I will refrain from trying to help you out in future with a friendly nudge.

I didn’t say,

“You picked the game wrong and I picked the game right; shame on you.”

I said,

“This one you were wrong about; here’s what I wrote about before the game was played, identifying what would happen to the Spurs performance if Coach Pop played the following players differently in his rotation, which is what he did in yesterday’s game with the predictable results I mentioned.”

Do you see the difference?

If you think you’re doing fine with your game to game selections of winners & losers without my assistance … that’s absolutely fine with me, I won’t try to help you pick games at a higher win percentage (for free) than you currently do right now.

That’s no problem, my friend.

There is no holier-than-thou aspect to what I do.

Considering that the title of your blog is “with malice”, I suggest you adopt a slightly thicker skin when it comes to dealing more effectively with a strong personality who comes to visit your site and contribute his ideas from time to time … unless, of course, all you want are cow-towers here.

Then, again, maybe it’s me who doesn’t understand the proper meaning of the word malice.

Just so that you know what I think of my own game to game selections … fact is … I missed the boat myself on last night’s Boston/Detroit winner … cause the reality is no one who picks game winners in advance can ever get them all correct.

Some of us who do a pretty good job at that on a regular … do like to help others out for free from time to time.

As the hoops saying goes, however:

“No harm (from my perspective), (and, therefore) no foul.”

Have yourself a great day in your part of the world. 🙂


In Peace, Victory & Excellence.


“Life is fast, and things happen quickly.” – Derek Fisher (a man with his priorities in the right place)

27 05 2008

Skin’s thick Khandor, just didn’t particularly want to have an all out. I’ve hinted before at my issues with this outlook…
And no-one here kowtows to anyone – there’s no obsequiousness at all. Quite often folk type stuff I disagree with, and that’s fine. With Malice has nothing to do with me being thick or thin-skinned (and no-one here knows me better than Rob – I’m pretty sure that in all honesty, he can tell you that I’m not overly sensitive).

It’s just that times, you come across a lil’ high-handed… the stuff like…

“…to my trained eye…”
“… an expert viewpoint…”
“… from an elite player/coach’s point of view…”
“…hopefully, I can sometimes point you in the ‘right’ direction…”

reads as condesension. I mean, c’mon dude… your eye/ears/whatever body part are no more ready for this than any of us – right?

Another example:

“…if Coach Pop goes with the individual player match-ups I’ve suggested…”

Are you asserting that you have a direct line to Pop, and that he listens to you? Specifically? Because that’s the way that reads… Or are we missing something here?
Not that I believe it, nor do I think that that’s what you intended… just stating how it comes across.

“If you think you’re doing fine with your game to game selections of winners & losers without my assistance … that’s absolutely fine with me, I won’t try to help you pick games at a higher win percentage (for free) than you currently do right now.”

Khandor, with all due respect, yet to see you come out and actually make a prediction. You make highly analytical appraisals, and add in a lot of disclaimers – it’s all “if’s” and such. I do enjoy reading it… but seriously? I think that the way you present yourself on other’s blogs (not necessarily on your own) is a little patronising.

Lastly, you’ll always be welcome here. You view a game entirely differently to me – you see the numbers, and can make a picture. It means something to you, whereas I lack the patience.
Me? I go with instinct, and what I see. It’ll always be from-the-hip, and of-the-gut… because that’s who I am.
I appear to be doing ok – the odd person reads what I write, and hell… some of them come back!
I’d actually appreciate a “Nyah! Tolja so!” (if you came out and said “this game will be…”), rather than a “chuckle, aaaah… come along grasshopper”.

Hoping we can still continue to disagree in a friendly manner… I enjoy the polar opposite viewpoints we have.

27 05 2008

Friendly polar opposites are fine with me, as well.

re: “… with all due respect, yet to see you come out and actually make a prediction.”

Are you sure your vision is 20/20 when you make that statement?

To think that what I do involves seeing “only numbers” is to grossly miscalculate what it is that I do and what it is that I’m about. 🙂

If you’re interested … and it’s okay if you’re not (cause I don’t believe in making anyone do anything they don’t want to do) … I’d encourage you to do a little more reading of my material before making categorical statements about what it is you think I do, involving sports, the internet, real life, etc.

To assume that your eye is equally trained to mine … in all matters, or at least certain specific ones is a fallacy on your part.

The reality is:

i) There are some things which you are emminently more qualified to observe upon with authority than I am;

ii) There are some things which I am more qualified to observe upon with authority than you are;

iii) There are some things which we are each qualified to observe upon with authority;

i) There are some things which neither of us are qualified to observe upon with any authority whatsoever.


As I mentioned before, “I do not make poor selections.”

Sometimes my selections are not right but … as sure as night follows day … what they also are not is “poorly made”.

What someone like me is about … is being Right, not just what I happen to like.

Sometimes there’s no difference; but sometimes there is.


re: the suggestions I made prior to Game 3

They were 100% mine and I have no idea if Coach Pop reads my blog or not.

The fact is … I have not communicated directly with him … yet.


When there’s a solid pick to be made, then I make it.

Sometimes it’s wrong … but most of the times it isn’t.


Always enjoyable exchanging thoughts & ideas with you. 🙂

28 05 2008

Never said you ‘only see numbers’. I said ‘you see them’.

“…before making categorical statements about what it is you think I do, involving sports, the internet, real life, etc.”

Immediately followed by:

“To assume that your eye is equally trained to mine … in all matters, or at least certain specific ones is a fallacy on your part.”

So you feel perfectly qualified to make sweeping categorical judgments about me… umm… Khandor…

Look: I don’t think we’re going to see eye-to-eye on this, and clearly, we have different perspectives. And that’s ok. I just think that maybe sometimes you could work a lil’ on the way you deliver info…



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