Once more unto the breach…

28 05 2008

Suffice to say I am both quite relieved, and feeling pretty damn pleased at the moment.

An awesomely tight contest, and LA ended up in front at the end. Wait, did I read that somewhere before?

“Lakers win a tight contest.”

Oh yes… that’s right. Aaaaany way… Lakers head back to LA-La land, with a 3-1 lead in hand, and the opportunity to close out the reigning champions at the Staples Center. Still – the Spurs are still the SPURS, and the Lakers will have to bring their ‘A’ game for #5.

Predictably, Ginobli was awful. The Spurs really seem to live & die by their Manu lately. Duncan was – as usual – very good… and the surprise for San Antonio was Brent Barry, who was pretty damn awesome in his… err… best Manu impersonation. Still not the real thing, and Kobe with a double/double leads the way home.

Can’t really say too much now – bit too ecstatic. Maybe more later when the pulse rate slows down below 120…

Update: Ok, feeling much more normal now… still rather elated, but probably in a fair frame of mind to put down a little more.
Only time the Spurs have lost at home during these playoffs, and I’ll hazard a guess (even tho’ apparently I was wrong to even think the Lakers’d win this one!) that that’s all it will take. Lakers should win this in 5 now.

Kobe was fairly emphatic in a nailbiter – 10 rebounds. I cannot remember the last time Kobe had 10 rebounds… (ok, slight exaggeration there). And hops? Two absolutely phenomenal dunks. Here’s the best of them.

Was a hellishly good contest, as expected – tighter than a fish’s butt. Really enjoyed it, tho’ the end was nerve-wracking. Gotta say I dip my lid to Pop, Tim, Barry and crew – class act (even if your fans are pretty rabid).
But as Marc Stein intimated, Spurs had the best of the whistle all night, and didn’t really deserve to win.
So… bring on game 5. Should be brilliant – and with the Spurs THIS much with their backs to the wall, expect a damn good performance.

Anyway, should a certain someone be reading this, I like this shirt. It’s only 16.99, so that & shipping should be about right. Size is XL. Shoot me an email and I’ll give you a mailing address. Thanks.




4 responses

28 05 2008

Oh No!!! My worst fear when this series started has now become a reality.

I had my fair share of concern on whether Spurs old bodies were willing to give in for another tough series.

Manu was extremely aweful and I feel very sorry for him that he can’t do much to avoid this defeat.

It’s not over yet and almost looks like it, unless as true Champions they can bounce back from this.

I will question the team morale at the moment. After all they did had Game 1 in their hands and they lost it!!!

We’ll just have to see how.

Anyway, your thought on the game….


29 05 2008

Worth noting that Khandor has agreed to send me the t-shirt of my choice.

30 05 2008
brumbygg9 "Hugh Jass"

hope he made it a 2XL….. anyone seen the size of Malice’s melon? We’re talking the blog world’s own Barry Bonds here…..

30 05 2008

Yes, blessed with an over-abundance of the ol’ grey matter…
Still, rather have my big melon than your massive butt…

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