Bring on the fat lady

29 05 2008

Huge opportunity here for the Lakers.
The Lakers have a real chance to put away the San Antonio Spurs in game 5.
Close the door.
Do not give them an opportunity, because if given, the Spurs won’t give back.
They’re selfish like that.
And if the Lakers can do that – and they should be able to – then the broader spectrum will be that they get to be well-rested before the Finals.
Because believe me baby, the Eastern Conference Finals are going the distance.  You had better believe it.

If you said to me before the playoffs began that the Lakers could make the Finals (and not yet a given), but would face either Boston (my bet), or Detroit (who knows), then I would’ve been happy… but expected LA to lose that match-up somewhere between 4-6 games.
But then I would never have bet that Boston would be hampered by the Atlanta Hawks either.
Nor get trampled underfoot by Cleveland.

The simple fact of the matter is that of the four teams left in this show, the Lakers are probably playing the best basketball. They are in this with a damn good show…

Scary to think where they were, only the off-season prior to this beginning…
* A GM that everyone believed was the joke of the Association…
* A star player who wanted off this roster like no-one we’ve ever witnessed…
* The self-same star who whilst being acknowledged as one of the best players in the game, often faced accusations of being selfish to the point of hurting the franchise…
* A center who was booed incessantly by his home-crowd… for existing.
* A mish-mash of a roster that had never gotten the job done, and never looked like they would.
* A young back-up center who had been absolutely trashed by the star during the off-season…
* A forward who absolutely cannot cope with being the 2nd option on a team…

* A team that’s wonderful to watch with the fluid game-style they play…
* Perhaps the best mind in basketball leading them…
* A roster that’s deep, and effective…
* A team that enjoys each other’s company…
* One of the most-skilled 7 footers in the game…
* A forward who is relishing being the third option on the team – to the point of where at times he’s an absolute beast on the floor…
* Yet to come: one of the best young centers in the game – save that for next season…
* And of course, Kobe… The MVP, and has the ability to take over a game like a cold-blooded assassin…

Get this done. Put the Spurs to bed.  Sit back and watch who’s up next.

“The game’s in the refrigerator. The door’s closed, the light’s out, the eggs are cooling, the butter’s getting hard, and the Jell-O’s jiggling.”




One response

29 05 2008

Tonight could be the last good game in the Association for the year; I just don’t see the East team staying with this club. Spurs won’t go quietly, but if the Lake Show shuts down Manu, they win. Kobe will see to that personally.

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