30 05 2008

Make sure you tune in for game 5 of the Lakers/Spurs battle, you have quite a few options on this:
First – you have to tune into TNT’s interwebby feed-thingy
Second – choose your flavour of game chat… LA BallTalk‘ll be liveblogging the game, as will Yahoo’s Ball Don’t Lie. AOL’s up & in it as well: link.

Looking forward to it, but can’t say I’m not a lil’ nervous… game 5… win this… into the finals.





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30 05 2008
Daniel (

OK, OK Don. I’m a bit tough on them. But I spent most of the game last night making comments and arguing the biased points the host was writing and got about 4 out of 20 comments posted. It kind of takes away from the point if the conversation is moderated to the point where no one has a say about anything. I approve 99% of the comments that come through on this Live Blog. I only reject the ones that show poor judgement and explicit language.

30 05 2008

I hear ya Daniel, but especially on Yahoo, they tend to get thousands upon thousands of comments coming through. Almost impossible to chat. Like trying to talk to someone across a room filled with 500 people. Not going to work real well… best they can do is try to make it as entertaining as possible.

I put in the odd comment on both, and as with you I tend to gravitate to where my voice is being ‘heard’.
Selfish? Probably…
Egotistical? Eek… possibly.
Either way, I’ll probably have a yap on them as well as yours. But given that at your event I have free reign, you’ll see me predominantly there.

30 05 2008
A. Becker

Been a while! Lost your link cause of Browser probs…..Looks like the Lake Show will enter as West Stage finalists. I never thought I’d be here as an ex, but I probably won’t root against em till the finals. But then again, I can’t bring myself to go for the Celtics!

30 05 2008

Way to go Lakers. Hope my beloved Green Machine is there to take you on in the finals.

I’m planning on avoiding the site for a few days now…. Donny Malice is going to need a 4XL Lakers t-shirt to get over his melon after this one!

just kidding, happy for you man!

30 05 2008

You won’t avoid here Rob… bidness as usual tomorrow for the C’s.

And thanks – kinda stoked at the mo’. Lake-show is playing better than anyone at the moment.

30 05 2008

I won’t avoid the place coz I’m truly happy for you, and happy for the NBA if they get a Celtcis/Lakers series – not to mention how happy I’ll be!

Let’s see if it happens first, then we’ll talk bets!

30 05 2008

props to your lakers man..!

30 05 2008

Thanks guys… over the moon at the moment. Full of love & joy for everyone. Even Spurs fans… well… ummm…

30 05 2008

LA over the Eastern Conference Champion in 5…. they are playing that good at the moment, its absolutely unbelieveable

30 05 2008

Start of the series, I said the Lakers would win in 5. Some thought I was crazy…
Even picked LA to win game 4. Was told I was crazy, wrong, and had no idea.

Smilin’ now tho’…

31 05 2008
A. Becker

Ohhh man how I wish I could enjoy a Laker/Celtic revival! Football is just around the corner, ain’t it?

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