June 1st – one year down…

1 06 2008

June 1st last year, and post reading Pyle of List’s Kill Buss, I thought I’d give it a shot. Been a fun year, and I’ve learnt quite a bit about blogging & what this site is as a ‘blog’.
Initially starting out as a ‘general sports blog’, I came to realise that during the NBA season, this is primarily an NBA blog. I have a broad range of sporting ‘likes’, but the Association’s first & foremost. So I guess during the NBA season – this is an NBA blog with other sports (thanks Brad).

It’s definitely been fun doing this (thus far), and I look forward to another year. There have been some pieces that I’ve enjoyed writing, and some that have had some relative success. Some serious, some strictly tongue-in-cheek…

Traffic-wise the site’s grown considerably since it’s first month. From just over 9,000 in June of last year to nearly 9 times that in May ’08. I’m astounded, and pleased.

Quite a few people deserve some thanks here… too many to name all – but some key personnel in contributing to this site’s existence would be: Brad (who’s lent his insight into cricket & rugby league), Rob (the rabid Celtic fan), Raincoaster (advice), Doug & the guys at Epic… every writer who’s contributed here (DMtShooter stands out as someone who’s contributed a few good pieces)… amongst many, many others – including those that actually come here. Guess you’re the most important. Also those that have linked here, or have me on their blogroll – thanks.
Toying with the idea of trying to get some people to contribute on a regular basis on some of the sports I’m not quite so keen on, or have less knowledge on (not that I’m an expert on anything!), or just wants to write… if someone reads this who’s interested (in particular… baseball or MMA – but any ideas welcome), shoot me an email.

In the next month or so, I’ll be holding a competition to celebrate the year down… just gotta iron out some details on that.

Looking forward to another year.

Thanks all.




9 responses

1 06 2008

Happy Bloggiversary to you, WM, from a (non-sports) blogger who wishes you well!

1 06 2008

Thanks muse!

1 06 2008


1 06 2008

Sigh… how’s ‘incredibly enthusiastic’?

1 06 2008

Happy Bloggiversary!

1 06 2008

happy anniversary . keep on goinggg

2 06 2008

Congrats. A year in blog land is similar to counting dog years. 1 is approximately 40.

2 06 2008

Congrats, withmalice! It takes a lot to blog, and to create such a popular one. Good going!

2 06 2008

happy bloggiversary man.. keep it up..!

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