So… NBA Finals, huh? Who you got?

5 06 2008

So… Rob has the Celtics in 6 or 7. I have the Lakers in 5 or 6.

I asked around the traps to a variety of different bloggers as to who has what (and sheesh… most responded!) – and this was the response (of the 34 who wrote back):

  • Jeff Clark of Celtics Blog (click the link for greater detail of Jeff’s thoughts)…
    Celtics in 6. Because Defense wins Championships.
  • DMtShooter coming from Five Tool Tool says…
    Lake Show in 5.
  • WIll Brinson out of AOL Fanhouse tells me…
    I’ve got Lakers in six. Mamba eats small children en route.
  • Matt Moore, of Hardwood Paroxysm, has…
    Celtics in 6: Yes, Boston played like crap for the majority of the playoffs. But the Leviathan has started to wake and LA has trouble with defense. Should be a tremendous series, worthy of the Finals. Let’s Get It On!
  • College Wolf who runs with the pack outta TWolvesBlog has the following to say…
    My heart is telling me “go”, but my mind is telling me “no.” Unfortunately, for as much as I will be pulling for KG and the Gang In Green to win it all… I don’t think it will happen. The Lakers are just too athletic, too deep, and too experienced. Oh yeah, and they have the best closer in the game. Who knows, I guess anything can happen. So, with that said I’ll stick with my original pre-season pick of the C’s.
    Celtics in 7.
  • David Friedman of 20 Second Timeout (click the link for greater detail of David’s thoughts)…
    Lakers win in 5 or 6 because Celtics will not be able to contain Bryant-Gasol screen/roll without giving up high percentage shots to Bryant, Gasol or the three point shooters.
  • Carolyn of And One thinks…
    Cavs in six. Oh ok, Lakers. In 7.
  • Tom Ziller of Sactown Royalty has…
    The Lakers in 6.
  • Andrew over at The World of Isaac agrees…
    Lakers in 6.
  • Gabriel from The Basketball Exchange thinks the same…
    Viva L.A.! Lakers in 6.
  • Of course, Daniel over at LABallTalk has…
    The Lakers in 5. They win game 1 in Boston, lose game 2, win games 3, 4, and 5… it will be interesting to see how this turns out…
  • Paul from responded with…
    We played out the NBA Finals 10,000 times and the most common occurrence was the Celtics in 6 games. KG dominates on both ends of the floor and wins MVP honors.
  • la287 from Daily Basketball shot over with…
    As much as I hate to see the Lakers win another championship, the Celtics have struggled too much on the road in the playoffs. I know — the Celtics have homecourt advantage — but it’s more likely the Lakers win in Boston than the Celtics win in Los Angeles.
  • Andrew Thell from over at Empty The Bench offered up…
    Aside from the big Game 6 win, I haven’t been impressed with the Celtics ability to close out games and series. Meanwhile, I like the Lake Show’s swagger and depth. Plus they have the deadliest player on the planet. I’ll take the Black Mambas in 6.
  • FLCeltsfan from Loy’s Place gave…
    Celtics win in 6 games. Why? Defense. Defense wins Championships and the Celtics are the better defensive team.
  • Tracer Bullet – Epic Carnival copped out with:
    I’m rooting for whoever wins the first game because that’s the only way I’ll get a sweep to end the interminable NBA season as soon as possible.
  • Vik who resides at Docksquad Sports speaks out with…
    Put me down for the Lake show in 6.
  • GMoney from The Money Shot thinks…
    Lakers in 5.
  • Darren the guy behind has the word. The word is…
    Lakers. 6 games. Because of Ira Newble…he seems like a good guy.
  • Khandor over from Khandor Sports thinks…
    “No Rebounds, No Rings.” – Pat Riley … Ubuntu: I am what I am because of who we all are … Celtics in 7.
  • Ricky from Sixers 4 Guidos sees it as…
    As a Sixers fan, these Finals are like “Would you prefer a kick in the nuts or a punch in the face?”. Hard to tell…
    Hope: Lakers in 7. It would be nice to see Ainge’s face then.
    Real prediction: Boston in 6.
    As for my previous predictions, I picked Sixers to win 31 games (and I was being optimistic) and thought that Chicago and Miami would have met in the Eastern Conference Finals… so much for my bball knowledge!
    Regards from Italy!
  • Chris of Intentional Foul tells it like it is…
    LA over Boston in six – Too much Kobe. Plus, I think Derek Fisher is going to abuse young Rajon. If Rondo gambles on defense or leaves Fish to help, it’s going to be a short series for the Celtics…
  • Mac G from Mac G’s World has it as…
    The Lakers in 5. The West and Kobe are by far the best. The Zen Master gets his 10th title and unfair Jackson critic Red Auerbach turns over in his grave.
  • Ryan Schwan of Hornets247 thinks that…
    I’m going for the Celtics in 6. I think the Celtics Defense will trump the Lakers offense, and that Odom, who has been key in the playoffs, will finally meet someone who can match his athleticism – and more than match his intensity – in Kevin Garnett.
  • No surprises who Ed Ziti of MVN Lakers Library picks…
    Guess? No? Lakers – in 6…
  • FITP – Feet in the Paint – has…
    Lakers in 6. The musical eeriness of the Celtics’ Gladiator soundtrack can only work for so long.
  • Ryan McNeill of the inestimable Hoops Addict has thought long and hard and come up with…
    First off, I have to admit that I have a love-hate relationship with Kobe Bryant. When he first burst into the League I thought he was great but the incidents in Colorado and his trade demands helped sour me on Bryant. However, something happened this year and I can’t argue the fact he’s the best player in the world right now and what he’s done for the franchise this season in the locker room and on the court is nothing short of stunning. As much as I’d like Boston to win because I’m fans of Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen, I can’t help but think the Lakers will win a title this month, in 6 games.
  • JP, Pyle of List – longtime friend of this blog – has…
    Lakers in 5. They run the Celts ragged and Kobe has a 40+ point game in the Garden in his latest ego-inflating attempt to invoke MJ comparisons. He’s creepier than the girl from Single White Female.
  • Andy over at GIRLS & SPORTS told me…
    I’m going with the Lakers in 6. I think they split the two Boston games, the Lakers win two-out-of-three in LA, and the Lakers break the Celts’ hearts in Game 6 in Boston. I can’t imagine Doc Rivers besting Phil Jackson, and of course there’s the unstoppable Kobe factor – it’s just his year.
  • Frank Coffey of eTrueSports states:…
    Compared to Jennifer Aniston, Kobe is other-directed but still …. do his teammates like him even a little? Do $9,000 watches buy love? Says here no. Does it matter? No. Kobe’s in a dead calm, killer place. His teammates believe. I believe (and I don’t want to). Lakers in 5.
  • Nick from The Nugg Doctor has…
    Celtics in six. There’s no way Kevin Garnett gets his place set at the NBA Finals dinner table and leaves any meat on the bone. Same goes for Jesus Shuttlesworth and The Truth.
  • Nels who hails outta Give Me The Rock thinks…
    The Celtics are older, but not so old that they’ll be outrun or outhustled by the Lakers. Just old enough to have enough at stake that they have to win it now. The Lakers can make another run next year, and probably the year after that and still be successful. The Celtics might not have as large a window, so their big 3 will be fighting harder for it. Celtics in 6.
  • Brett from Queen City Hoops has…
    Lakers in 7 – Boston’s numbers for the season are better, but the gap narrows considerably after the Lakers added Gasol. And Kobe is easily the best player in this series. Should be an awesome series.

When you factor my vote for Lakers in 5… and Rob’s fantasy that the Celtics fluke it in win in 6 – that’s 34 votes.

Breakdown for those that are too lazy to do it themselves? 23 think the Lakers get it, and 11 think it’ll be a year for the Celtics. 1 is going to go with whoever wins game 1. Most common response from those picking Boston was ‘Boston in 6… or 7’, whilst those seeing the end in Purple & Gold picked the series to be ‘Lakers in 5 or 6’.

Phenomenal response, and when you look at the breakdown, it just highlights the uncertainty surrounding this series. No-one knows. Should be awesome.




31 responses

5 06 2008

You are the man! No, you are two men!! This is great. Let’s do it again.

5 06 2008

yep. no one knows. that’s what makes it fun! thanks guys.

5 06 2008
College Wolf

Awesome. Very well done!

5 06 2008

Nice job as always. Wish I could have gotten my preview up there in time, but I got Lakers in 5. I can just see Kobe stealing one in the fourth in one of the games in Boston, then running the gauntlet at home. I was surprised to see them get by the Spurs in 5, but it will probably happen again.

5 06 2008

‘Tis fine Neil – happily add you to the tally.
24 – Lakers.
11 – C’s.

5 06 2008
advantage player

[…] sheesh?? most responded! – and this was the response of the 34 who wrote back: Jeff Clark of Celt Helm providing a boost to Red Wings USA TodayOne example of the Detroit Red Wings’ depth […]

5 06 2008


In general, these numbers ‘mirror’ the betting action which favours the Lakers (-181) for this series.

What’s especially interesting, however … is that this ‘Series Price’ has fluctuated considerably … from

Lakers -162 (opening)

then moving to …

Lakers -188 (highest number reached)

and now dropping to …

Lakers -181 (current price & well above the starting number).

Yet, when you consider these actual facts …

* the Celtics (66-16) finished with 9 more wins than the Lakers (57-25) this season
* the Celtics have a significant edge in Rebounding Differential (plus 3.1 : plus 1.4)
* the Celtics have the edge in Offensive Rebounds Allowed (11.0 : 12.1)
* the Celtics have the edge in proven scorers (3 : 2)
* the Celtics have the edge in player depth at the 4 & 5 positions (w/no Bynum for the Lakers)
* the Celtics have the extra home court game

it becomes clear that there is a different ‘Zeitgeist’ at work here & now.

Although the ‘Public’s money’ is now ‘all over Kobe, Phil & Co.’ … this is simply a too delicious treat [i.e. a runaway train?] for all those who value ‘What the NBA is really all about’, i.e. (1) the Power of the Individual Match-ups (#1-12, on the player roster) … which is really to say, “Ubuntu!”; and, (2) “No Rebounds, No Rings.” – Pat Riley.

Let the games begin. 🙂

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6 06 2008
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6 06 2008
Mac G

The US sports world needs another Boston sports title as much as the real world needs another Bush prez term. GO LAKERS! Nice Post.

6 06 2008

It’s funny how last week ppl were saying the C get destroyed and all of a sudden now, they will win in 5. WTF?

If you really think that Kobe is going to the Finals to lose (the one time doesn’t count – Shaq screwed him bigtime) or that KG will suddenly shed his The Boston Chocker image… you are out of you effing mind.

Lakers sweep or in 5..

And I’m pretty sure the Lakers collectively twice the experience of the Cs in the Finals.

6 06 2008
NBA Finals: Magic and Larry Give Way To Kobe and KG

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6 06 2008

Hey, Flux,

It’s 2-1 AGAINST the Celtics.

Relax … almost everyboby is on YOUR side … with the Lakers.

It’s only fools like me … 🙂 … whose $$$ is elsewhere.

(just don’t say, I didn’t tell you, in advance)

6 06 2008

Hey Khandor… I have noticed betting against you is not wise. With the exception of the CF you have been money… but I don’t see how Kobe+DFish+Phil+Tex Finals experience is trumping KG+Pierce+Allen+Doc ZERO experience. And A LOT of blogs are starting to pick the Cs, I just don’t comprehend that. I understand the statistical math behind it… but I don’t get how you can just dismiss the Lakers or say they will only win one, tops 2 games.

I am the King of being wrong (except the orlando/TO series) but I will officially give up on any input or opinion if the Celtics win this, since it will be (once again) clearly obvious I understand nothing when it come to the business entertainment that is NBA basketball.

6 06 2008
Brandon Hoffman

The blogosphere has spoken.

I think the 2-3-2 format is a huge advantage for LA.

If they win game 1 or 2, it could be over in 5.

Less than 3 hours till tip-off!

Enjoy the NBA Finals everyone.

6 06 2008


To this point, my only series loss has been Dallas vs New Orleans.

I did make a pick for either Conference Finals, as I was invested so-to-speak with all four of the surviving teams.

The NBA Finals is a different story, however, as I see a clear-cut advantage here for one of the two remaining teams.

* If Andrew Bynum & Trevor Ariza were both healthy … then this series would be tilted the other way.

* Unlike vs their previous opponents the Lakers’ bench does not have a significant advantage over the Celtics’ back-ups:

PG – Fisher vs Rondo (EVEN … as RR is a terrific rebounder)
OG – Kobe vs Ray Ray (ADVANTAGE … Mamba)
SF – Odom vs Pierce (ADVANTAGE … The Truth)
PF – Radmanovic vs Garnett (ADVANTAGE … The Big Ticket)
C – Gasol vs Perkins (EVEN … KP is a terrific rebounder)

PG – Farmar vs Cassell/House (EVEN)
OG – Vujacic vs House/Allen-T/Posey (EVEN)
SF – Walton vs Posey (EVEN)
PF – Turiaf vs PJ Brown/Davis (EVEN)
C – Mbenga vs Powe (ADVANTAGE)


FWIW … I also had the New York Giants plus12.5 in Super Bowl XLII. 🙂

6 06 2008


hey!! what do you know, I had the Giants winning that as well. Maybe all hope is not lost to my limited insight.

Yeah, I know, looking at all the matchups, one would think the Cs have a clear advantage. But MAMBA (or PHIL)? That’s like having similar engines but one has Turbo or NOS. How do you compensate for that? He’s going to make it rain… he’ll make the refs make him go to the line 4000 times if he has to. Who the clearcut killer on the Cs.. who’s going to step up when MAMBA start tearing up the court like a loose cobra in a 4 by 4 room with 12 people in it?

And I would still give the Lakers bench an (very minimal) advantage…. after Phil left them out there in game 5 (?) during that awful stretch that they climbed out of and gave the starter the rest to put the hammer down.

Not to mention… didn’t the Jazz have a better chance then anyone to take the Lakers out? And if they couldn’t do it… what are the little gremlins going to do?

6 06 2008

Either Paul Pierce or Ray Allen will lead the Celtics in Scoring and take the money shots coming the stretch.

Kevin Garnett will lead the Celtics in Rebounding & Defense.

Kendrick Perkins is going to keep Pau Gasol off the glass.

Rajon Rondo is going to dominate Derek Fisher on the boards.

After the 7 game series vs the Hawks, and the 7 game series vs the Cavaliers, and the 6 game series vs the Pistons …

the individual roles on the Celtics have now become highly defined.

They are going to let Kobe get his AND shut off the rest of the Lakers … just enough to squeeze out 4 home court W’s.

Next year is Kobe’s to win the title not this one.

6 06 2008

and, FWIW … my money’s on the Celtics -2.5 tonight.

6 06 2008

I’m with BH up there… the format is sooo in LAs favour.

put me down for the lakers.. i’m a cyber money millionaire.

Kobe will be a rebounding machine…

6 06 2008
Tracer Bullet

Cop out?! Sir, I will have you know my deepest and most heartfelt desire is to bet the NBA out of my life so we can concentrate on something really interesting — NFL minicamps.

If you must know, I’m taking the Lakers because 1) they’re younger and deeper, 2) Phil Jackson, 3) Kobe Bryant, like all great players, will happily set an orphan on fire if it means a championship, but mostly 4) F%4k Boston.

6 06 2008

Yay Tracer!
Another on the Lakers…

7 06 2008


You sure you want to throw your lot in with BH?


7 06 2008


YOU know that as of late I am not really sure of anything.

But yeah seen how Kobe had a bad shooting night… I’m still going with the Lakers….and I’m expecting a much different result on Sunday.

I hate the Celtics and I’m staying defiant. 🙂

8 06 2008
A time out for Sixers4guidos « Sixers 4 guidos

[…] cut me some slack, be patient. Last thing I posted was this prediction on Don’s “With malice” blog, about the outcome of the NBA Finals (because two teams are currently playing in the Finals, […]

8 06 2008


No room in my world for ‘hate’ … except, of course, for certain things, like bigots (I think you know who I’m talking about … :-)).


Normally, in a 2-2-1-1-1 format, I would give the psychological edge in Game 2 to the Lakers.

However, given the 2-3-2 format in this series … and the importance of Game 2 to the home team … I expect the Celtics to take tomorrow’s match-up, as well.

After opening at Boston minus 2, the current line is Boston minus 1 …

which means that ‘the public’ is still all over the Lakers in this series, in a big way …

and, which is just to good for me to pass up.


‘The (only) Defiant Ones’ with meaning to me … were Tony Curtis & Sidney Poitier.

🙂 🙂 🙂

8 06 2008

You know what I mean by hate… not like our “friend”…(and what IS wrong with that guy!?)

I dislike them and I am starting to doubt the Lakers will pull this off as it SEEMS the Celtics have figured out how to play playoff ball together and the Lakers looked lost out there… thanks to PPs theatrics and Kobe inexplicable refusal to drive to the bucket.

This next game will decide and tell an awful lot, IMO, as the Cs will be half way there, if they win. The Lakes simply cannot afford to lose this game… if they do.. Kobe will throw in the towel and give up ala Phoenix series.

Down with the Green!

9 06 2008


I agree.

For the first time during this year’s post-season tournament, the eventual outcome to the Lakers’ season is on the line today.

Lose today … given the 2-3-2 format … and the Celtics will eventually become the 2007-2008 NBA Champions, by hook or by crook.

Win today … and the series still can go either way.

That’s how important this one game is.

With the status of Perkins & Pierce still in doubt, due to their respective injuries, the Advantage today lies with the Lakers …

who opened up as 2 point underdog (BOS minus 2)
moved to a 1 point underdog (BOS minus 1), as of Friday

and today are now a 1 point favourite (LAL minus 1) … a 3 point shift in the wagering line over the course of 72 hrs.


As you’re watching the remainder of this series, just keep in mind what I’ve said here and elsewhere on-line … IMO

* For LA, this year has been about Kobe’s quest for the MVP Award AND re-establishing the Lakers’s championship direction as an organization

* For Boston, from the start of training camp, this year has been about Winning the NBA Championship, HERE & NOW … AND the power of Ubuntu!

2008-2009 will be the Lakers’s “Season of Destiny” (i.e. 70 plus W’s & another cahmpionship, with a healthy Bynum & Ariza)

So far, 2007-2008 has been terific for both LA & BOS but … in the end, it will be remembered forever as the YEAR OF THE CELTICS RETURN TO GLORY.

From Worst to First … For the Men in Green!

WE not me.
Food For Thought


9 06 2008

PS. Enjoy Game 2. I’m off to spend the day with my family. 🙂

10 06 2008
NBA Finals: Holding Serve

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19 06 2008
The Redemption of Kevin Garnett

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