Blogsifting: The Eve

5 06 2008


Should not even have to say what I’m talking about… if you’re reading this – you came here, you know.

Some stuff worth reading on the only thing I’m really thinking about at the moment…

  1. An absolutely phenomenal piece on Kobe by Kelly Dwyer over at Ball Don’t Lie.  Sheesh… would that I could write like that!
  2. This was fun, over at Cuzoogle.  No prizes for guessing which way they’re leaning…
  3. eTrueSports are always good for a laugh – The Battling Bakers is no different!
  4. LABallTalk will be hosting a live-blog of game 1.  As good a place as any to get your yap on.
  5. MVN Lakers Library‘s Ed Ziti explores what he sees as the Celtics Game Plan
  6. Forum Blue & Gold explores the formation of the rivalry that exists between Boston & LA… good read.
  7. Hardwood Paroxysm has their Finals Preview up – Parts 1 & 2… Definitely – as always – a worthwhile destination…



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