Right of reply

6 06 2008

Or… Blow Harder

Ok… Rob (brumbygg9) demanded a right of reply – to my points raised in the Chuck Norris bit, which was a response to his Celtics in White post… and I told him I’d give it to him. What I didn’t tell him is that I would reply to his replies… (Rob in black, me in the purple…)

Chuck Norris Blows (at least that’s what John McCain told me…)

Sheesh Rob… Wrong spelling – give me ‘Die Hard’ over ‘Blow Hard’ any day of the week… and John picks LA too. In 6.

1. More options

“Umm… huh? anytime you have to list Kendrick Perkins in your list of ‘more options’, you have officially abdicated the argument.”

Special K has been getting it done this post season – he is a legitimate option right now (never thought I would ever write that, ever, in a million years). The Big 3 already provide more legitimate options than the Fakers – Special K, Rondo, Posey et al put them way over.

‘Special K’… the fact that his nickname is a light cereal that no-one really takes seriously just furthers my point. Thanks. And ‘more options’? At the moment on any one night during the playoffs, the big 3 will in all reality only be somewhere between the big 1-2.5, depending on who shows up.

2. Home court advantage

“Just ask the Spurs/Jazz how ‘home court’ worked out for them.”

No team has been more dominant at home this season than the Celtics. Ask everyone in the league how that worked for them.

Doesn’t take away from the fact that at times – during the playoffs – Boston have looked fragile. Far more so than the Lakers. Playing very well during the regular season versus playing very well during the playoffs. I know which I’ll take every time. Ask the 2004 Lakers how that worked out for ’em.

3. Offense vs Defense

“Hmmm… 15 games to get to the Finals versus 20.
Gregg Popovich is now sitting back and wondering if that was the right option.”

And the Celtics will have learned from that. Pierce will step up.

And if you think that the Celtics have anyone who can reliably defend Kobe, then you have not been paying attention. There will be times, but Kobe will get his. If Pierce has to defend Kobe constantly, then your offense just got halved.

4. Rajon Rondo vs Derek Fisher

““I say he gets it done.” – no, you pray he gets it done. Look at what LA’s faced thus far, and Rondo’s the worst point guard they’ve faced. Simply a fact.”

Rondo matches up well against Fisher. Yep, he has to play well for the Cs to win it, but watch this space… Rondo gets it done.

So… wait a second: you’re pinning your hopes on RONDO??? Sheesh… No matter what you say, it’s still a on a hope & a prayer… as was said by Kurt of Forum Blue & Gold over on a guest-spot at CelticsBlog.com

“We love the point guard matchup. No insult intended to a fast-improving Rondo, but we have seen Iverson, Deron Williams and Tony Parker through three rounds. And Derek Fisher has held his own. He will put some ball pressure on Rondo and try to force rookie turnovers.”

Simply true. As Kurt said: no offense, but Fish’s done ok with better. If you are trying to tell me that Rondo’s better than Iverson, Williams or Parker – I’ll laugh. Really. I will.

5. Destiny’s Big 3

Destiny is on our side…..

And as for Big Phil….. you are absolutely right (ooh, hated typing that, I think I puked a little in my mouth) and this is the area where the Cs could lose the series. This is the bit where I start praying.

I have this mental image of you weeping like a baby… anyway. Destiny? Why, because you bought two guys to come in? Who’s now the face of your franchise? KG – talk about a mercenary. Sheesh… life-long Laker vs guy who’s here for a ring.

But you had one thing in your coveted ‘right-of-reply’ right: Phi-Jax trumps Doc anyway you slice, dice or cut it.

Still can’t wait for Game 1!

Same… bring it on ol’ man!

I guess the bottom line is no matter what, neither Rob or I will change our mind… until whatever happens happens and it becomes history… I could be dead wrong on all of this, or he could. Still… this is fun.




10 responses

6 06 2008

Who has more championships? End of discussion.

6 06 2008

Yes Tommy… that’s exactly why the teams win. And exactly why the Celtics have won every title since 1987… wait a sec.

6 06 2008

C’mon Tommy, that’s just giving him ammunition and he doesn’t need the help!! The Celtics have the defensive MVP and 2 of the best shooters in the game as well as a supporting cast that has gotten it done throughout the regular season and playoffs – despite a few bumps in the road.

Last season in the NHL the Ottawa Senators with 11 Stanley Cups played against the Anaheim Ducks with 0. The Ducks won in 5 games. The fact that they won the Stanley Cup in 1927 really didn’t have a bearing on anything.

Who has more chamionships this decade? Who had more championships in the 80s? It wasn’t us my friend…..

Still, let’s see who has more championships this year…… tip off approaches!

6 06 2008

happy man after game 1……

6 06 2008

@ brumbygg9
you’re celts are up man..

6 06 2008

At the time you typed that… not quite over.
May as well be – and so you should be a happy man.

Still, despite the loss, it was a close game throughout – and that was with the Lakers playing some godawful ball. If Phi-Jax can make some adjustments (and Kobe not force it too much), then game 2’s game on.

Game 1 is no big loss, for there to be immense pressure on Boston, the LakeShow only has to win one of the first 2. Even if they don’t, it’s only following suit. I really think that the 2-3-2 scheduling favours the lower ranked seed more than it should.

6 06 2008

oh yeah.. you are indeed a happy man.. haha..! 😀

6 06 2008

Lakers take a lot from this game and losing game 1 in Boston was never going to worry them too, too much. Kobe will get better and a lot of the other match ups seemed pretty tight…. this is a going to be a very good series.

Did i mention i was a happy man?

6 06 2008

As well you should be.
Conversely, despite the result – I’m not overly upset…

6 06 2008

and to those who tipped a sweep to the Lakers….. I hope you just lost money!!!!

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