There Can Only Be One… KG or Kobe – who YOU got?

6 06 2008

And it begins…




7 responses

6 06 2008
A. Becker

It’s over – crown the Lakers victors in4/5.

6 06 2008

The democratic primary is over…the NBA Finals have begun…I got Kevin in 5. Any takers?

6 06 2008

Sheesh Becks… talk about ‘premature exclamation’!

6 06 2008


Once I read “premature” … I thought for sure that it was going to be followed with the word “ejaculation” … as far as the blinkers deterred court-vision of some die-hard Lakers’ fans are concerned.

Gladly … I was mistaken. 🙂

On to Game 2.

6 06 2008

Sheesh… as if I’d write that!

My thoughts on game 1 up in about 40 min…
AND – got the T-shirt, thank you sir!

6 06 2008

You’re most welcome!

7 06 2008
Joey Rosario

KG everytime.

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