1 Down, still 4 to go

7 06 2008

Game 1 down, with the Celtics winning out 98-88. Rob’s happy, very happy… and most Celtics fans will no doubt be feeling rather vindicated over this victory.

But you know what? I cannot bring myself to be disappointed.
The Lakers played like crap, and yet they only just lost. Kobe did not play at all like Kobe… and in reality the game was much, much closer than the 10 point margin.
Not a single Laker will walk out of that game thinking,
“you know what, I did well. I can hold my head high.”
And that is a good thing.
Because not a single one of them did play well.

Not going to point to the referees… well, ok, not going to point to the refereeing much… because even the relatively sloppy, one-sided job they did wouldn’t have made a helluva lot of difference.
I’m doubtful they get it that wrong again…
Even so, game was still in a winnable position, despite all this.

I’m pretty confident that if anyone’s capable of making adjustments and approaching a second game in a different way, it’s Phil Jackson and his charges.

What did the Celtics do? They held serve on home court, and against an under-performing LA squad. The end result was a larger margin than the game indicated, as is often the way when the team who’s just behind tries to make a last-ditch attempt for the win. If the Lakers did get hot, the game could’ve ended up a different story… and we’d all be talking about that.

Yup, there’s pressure on LA to win game 2… but the pressure’s on Boston too – especially as I’d doubt that LA will play that poorly again. And lest we forget, the 2-3-2 format is pretty tough for the higher seed if they drop one of the first two.

Have to say something on Paul Pierce.
What are you, a European soccer player?
To go down like you’ve been shot, then be literally WHEELED off the court, and THEN come back on and be the ‘energy guy’ for the C’s… puh-lease.
How can someone do that, and flash gang signs?
He played well – there’s no denying that – but he should have his man-card put up for review with the wheelchair effort. Is that fine-worthy? You don’t ‘sprain a knee’, and ‘hear a pop’.
High drama, most definitely… did it energise the Celtics… yuh-huh… but it wasn’t anything major. Not at all. If it was, a simple sleeve on the knee wouldn’t do anything at all. Was he injured? Yes, I believe he was. Were he & the Boston med-staff guilty of an incredible performance of histrionics? Again, yes, I believe they were.
Please Paul, grow a spine.

Yes, Boston fans are content. As well they should be.
Only 3 wins to go.
But I don’t think there’s much for the LA fans to get too disappointed about. Not yet. To be that much in a game, and when you’re playing with about as much energy as a hungarian racing tadpole post race-day?
Not concerned.
Not yet.
Chuck says his prediction is still on the money.




5 responses

7 06 2008

🙂 🙂 🙂

7 06 2008
Apryl DeLancey

Not worried here…not many other Lakers fans are yet either…there are more games to play so there’s plenty of time to worry later!

7 06 2008

In my opinion, neither Lakers nor Celtics fans should be worried about anything, now or in the immediate future.

Both of these franchises are playing high calibre basketball and should be good in good hands for the next few years.

As long as the quality of ball being played is first-rate, neither side should have anything of substance to complain about.

Of all sports … the bounces (and the calls, etc.) almost always even out in the long run … and as good coaches like Gregg Popovich & Pat Riley, etc. hav said on numerous occasions … after playing the Best of 7 Games, it’s the Best Team that eventually Wins the title in this League.

Kudos to both the Lakers and the Celtics.

6 more games like last night’s will be just fine with me … and basketball aficionados everywhere.

7 06 2008
Joey Rosario

Anyone who thinks Lakers is going to win the series is seriously fooling themselves. Celtics in 6.

9 06 2008

I thought Phil Jackson’s comments about Paul Pierce’s miraculous recovery from his severe injury were quite amusing and providing the perfect perspective to the visual we were treated to of Paul going from being crippled for life to knocking down three’s within minutes of each other.

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