9 06 2008

Pretty big game today… there’s no denying it.

If the Boston Celtics can take this one, then they are halfway to winning their first NBA title for a good while. If LA win it, then there’s real pressure on Boston when they don the green in Los Angeles for 3 straight games.

As I’ve stated before, the game 1 result doesn’t overly bother me. LA played like… well, like crap. I don’t see LA missing that bad again. I don’t see them hitting only 3-14 from 3 point land again. I don’t see Kobe being as ineffective as he was in game 1 again.
I. Just. Don’t.

It’s interesting to see that post the ‘Paul-Pierce-as-Willis-Reed’ histrionics, Phil Jackson is more like Phil Jackson. The gloves have come off, and now he’s shooting out those barbs that Lakers fans oh-so-love, and makes other fans… ummm… not love him.

Paul Pierce… sheesh.
Talk about being a polarizing figure at the moment.
The Celtics-fans have put the wagons in a circle, and the rest of us look on skeptically.
IF the injury was as bad as it looked, as bad as being taken off in a wheelchair warranted, then he’ll be showing it this game. No matter how much ‘adrenaline’ there is. I suspect Pierce won’t even have a limp, tho’ I’d place money on him wearing a neoprene sleeve on his knee. Excuse my cynicism.
Regardless of the histrionics surrounding Pierce’s re-taking the floor in game 1… he did re-take the floor in the grandest sense: he took over. He played a phenomenal game, and nothing around the circumstances will detract from that.

LA have big steps to take from the game 1 performance before they can match it with Boston.
I expect the Lakers to respond. I think they take this one. I still haven’t seen anything that would cause me to change my prediction of Lakers-in-5 (or 6). But if that’s just wishful thinking or The Truth… I guess we wait and see.

AOL have a live-blog… and both BDL & LABallTalk do as well.




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9 06 2008

This game is huuuuge. With the 2-3-2 set up if the Celtics win this one they will take the championship. The Green machine is good enough to win at least 1 out of 3 in LA which would then put them back in Baentown to close out in 6. Lose this one and there is more pressure on the Cs to take Game 3 and possibly to have to steal either Game 4 or 5 as well. The Lakers will undoubtedly improve on their Game 1 performance but they will have massive pressure on their shoulders for this one.
Celtics by 7 to go up 2-0.

9 06 2008

cautious optimism at the end of the 3rd quarter….

my man Leon Powe finally gets his chance and taking it with both hands

9 06 2008


“my man Leon Powe finally gets his chance and taking it with both hands”

do you refer to the fact that alone, he has 3x the FTs that the entire Lakers team have been awarded?

The Lakers didn’t bring it in the second half, and gave up before the fourth even began… and that’s the most saddening/frustrating thing of all.
But, the refereeing in the first half was disgusting. The FT differential between the two teams is amazing. Any time a team is awarded five times their opposition, that’s the ball game.

9 06 2008

following the game via yahoo sports so can’t speak to anything other than the score.

Lakers 8 free throws for a game isn’t a lot though….

BTW – Leon has taken 13 FT which as far as I can tell is 1.625 times more than the Lakers while the Cs have taken 31 FT which would be 3.875 times more…. I mention this purely in the interest of accuracy. You know I’ve told you a million times not to exaggerate!

9 06 2008

huge lead disappearing…..

can’t breathe…….

9 06 2008

Have a look at the FT disparity – if it’s even with the Lakers having ONE THIRD of the FTs Boston have, they have this game won.
Pretty poor.

9 06 2008

Lakers get to take more out of this game than they should due to huge 4th qtr. Celtics lose a little of the gloss, but still go up 2-0. Pressure very firmly on the Lakers going back to LA.

“Celtics by 7 to go up 2-0” – nice of the boys to let me get so close to my prediction!

Lots of smiles in Beantown tonight and at least one in Jakarta!

9 06 2008

And the game ends, 108-102.
Lakers lose by 6, despite having a 28 free throw disparity. 38 FT attempts to 10. There people, is your ballgame.

9 06 2008

I should simmer down a lil’ before I write a wrap-up…

No promises tho’… could well be still very caustic.

9 06 2008

I will look forward to it…..

as I shall on hearing from those who tipped the Lakers to sweep!

9 06 2008
Joey Rosario

When you settled for jump-shot, it showed in the stats. I still back my previous prediction. Celtics in 6. I stand corrected. Go KG ….

9 06 2008

Sheesh Joey… didja watch the game? It wasn’t that the Lakers were jumpshooting – they WERE pressing, but not getting calls…
Even IF they were, a 38-10 call is still incredibly lopsided.
With them only jumpshooting, I could believe getting 50% of the C’s. But 25%?

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